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5 Actors for a Comedy Short Student Film Called - Light Bulb Moment

5 Actors for a Comedy Short Student Film Called - Light Bulb Moment

Queensland, Australia
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A little about the project.

A light bulb moment is a comedic short film taking place in a main hallway of a shared apartment between Donna, Mason, Melanie & Phil. It is a normal night until the light bulb of the apartment blows out. And a bet between neighbours begins. Donna & Mason first come across the broken light bulb and make a bet due to Mason thinking it’s a man’s job so he can easily win over this bet. Due to a previous bet from a game of UNO between the boys and girls of the apartment Donna is not only determined to win but shows Mason that a girl can do anything a man can do. After the bet has been made Donna & Mason inform their friends who also live in the shared house (Melanie & Phil). Donna ups the stakes by replacing Mason’s ladder with a bucket (that has a layer of glue on top) only landing Mason the chance to embarrass himself by falling and injuring himself. Donna then leaps at the opportunity of winning as the boys leave, she attempts to fix the bulb herself, after doing so she gets electrocuted when placing the bulb in. Soon after her friend Melanie tries to fix the bulb in place of Donna. Until an unexpected visitor rings the doorbell. Everyone expecting each other to have cheated by calling an electrician soon realise it is no electrician but a little girl scout who is selling cookies. The girl scout is called Lu, and as she makes her way down the hallway to go to the bathroom, Lu finds herself a shiny lightbulb as she looks up, she can see what is missing and ultimately being a helpful girl scout that she places the bulb back in place. The boys (Phil & Mason) left in shock have no choice but to face their punishment of dressing as girls for the next 24 hours having lost the bet.

Where this project will be seen.

The video will be seen through the film school, but if anyone wants a copy you are welcome to have one.

What kind of experience we have.

Student filmmaker making 3 short films in the past.

What is required of you.

You will not have to do anything out of the ordinary like dye your hair or do stunt work. Just acting

The owner of this listing has agreed to abide by local 'working with children' regulations. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Job payment

Unpaid – this is a collaboration opportunity

Collaborations should create mutual benefit and are usually amateur, student or 'Time for Print' projects.

Donna (Lead Actor)

Donna is a bit of a tomboy who is always up for a challenge, She is very headstrong having grown up with 3 brothers and her dad. Coming from a Greek family she is very family orientated. Has light brown hair placed in a messy ponytail, green eyes, and tan skin. She wears an oversized T shirt with denim ripped shorts and adidas high top sneakers and is always chewing gum.

Female, aged 20 to 24

Applications closed 28 October 2021.


Mason is quite full of himself and tends to annoy and tease Donna because he has a crush on her. Mason has brown eyes, pale skin and dark chocolate locks that peep out from his backwards cap. He wears a black singlet, workout shorts and sneakers. He is a typical Aussie lad and loves hanging around his mates like Phil who he has known since high school. He doesn't talk much to his family as they are not really close, coming from a wealthy family his parents were always working and everything has

Male, aged 23 to 26

Applications closed 28 October 2021.


Melanie has been friends with Donna since she moved in. The two's friendship has grown from losing a game of UNO against the boys in the shared house. Melanie is a sweet and spirited girl who is well travelled. She has blonde wavy hair, blue eyes, and tan skin from always going to the beach to catch a wave. She normally wears a tank top and a colourful bohemian style skirt and sandals. Melanie has a very peaceful and Zen personality unless you mess with her friends. Having travelled a lot, she i

Female, aged 21 to 25

Applications closed 28 October 2021.


Phil is a born and raised Australian but is not the brightest though will always have his mates back. Phil has known Mason since high school and the two have been roommates since they got into university. Phil has Brown eyes, dark hair and pale skin. He wears the same clothes because he forgets to do his washing and is normally caught in his slippers choosing comfort over looks.

Male, aged 23 to 26

Applications closed 28 October 2021.


Lu is a young little asian girl, she normally has her hair placed in 2 braids and is dressed in her girl scouts outfit. She wants nothing more than to be the top of her class in her girl scouts’ group so she is constantly being selfless and providing anyone with a helping hand. She is very sweet and kind and wants nothing more than to fundraise money, so her girl scout group has enough funds to purchase new tents.

Female, aged 7 to 9

Applications closed 28 October 2021.

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