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6 Roles for Psychological Drama Feature Shooting in 2022 in Perth

6 Roles for Psychological Drama Feature Shooting in 2022 in Perth

Western Australia, Australia
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"What Love Is" is a psychological drama based on the real events surrounding a married pair of serial killers, like the Bernies, or Bernardo and Homolka. It is a multi strand story, looking at the events of 2 days as they kidnap and murder an innocent, told from the point of view of the married couple as they are interrogated by two detective in pursuit of the truth...

She says she was an innocent victim, controlled and dominated by her husband, with no choice but to obey.

He says that while yes, he did hurt the girls, the wife did the killing and enjoyed the torture.

Who is telling the truth?

We have expressions of interest to distribute VOD / online globally, and will be pursuing more distribution leads through a festival run.

The writer/director, JD Cohen, has a 2 decade track record of producing and selling indie features, this is his 6th film, the most - Ravenswood, (2017) - selling globally to cinema, DVD, and online.

StarNow note for talent: Please note the Advertiser has indicated this production contains strong themes around sexual assault and torture, however - these are only implied/depicted through sound & facial expressions. Applicants may wish to clarify details regarding these themes with the advertiser before attending an audition.

StarNow note for talent: Website or examples of previous work available upon application.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

We are taking our time to find the right cast, aiming to shoot in September 2022

Job payment

Unpaid – this is a collaboration opportunity - The actors will share in any returns in perpetuity

Expenses paid - $100pd towards expenses.

Collaborations should create mutual benefit and are usually amateur, student or 'Time for Print' projects.

Female Lead - Sarah Williams

It depends on who's story we are in as to who Sarah is, in the film we see both sides. According to the husband's story, she is cold and brutal, powerful, sexual and predatory, who takes crap from no one, and is willingly a partner is his crimes. According to her own story, she is an innocent victim, downtrodden and dominated by a brutal husband, forced into be an accomplice to murder. She tries hard to be strong, to help the innocent victims he kidnaps, make their last moment less terrifying.

Female, aged 25 and over

Applications closed 25 December 2021.

Male Lead - James Williams

James is a psychopath, he enjoys the hunt, stalking his victims, he enjoys the torture and he enjoys their death. But he insists that his wife, who he adores as an equal in his sadism, killed the girls, he just did the rest. She loved his work. His takes great pleasure in manipulating the detective who is trying to trap him, upset and angry and calm in even measure.

Male, aged 28 and over

Applications closed 25 December 2021.

Female Lead - Amelia Finch

Amelia is a competitive athlete, takes no prisoners on the tennis court. But outside of that she is kind, caring, and honest. She is fooled into getting into the car with the killers, and the nightmare begins. Depending on who's story is being told changes how Amelia behaves. When it's Sarah's story, she is comforted and given strength by Sarah, but in James's story, she is always having to fight both of them. She never givers up and dies with as much dignity and strength as she can.

Female, aged 18 and over

Applications closed 25 December 2021.

Male Support - Ben Marshall

An experienced detective, somewhat cynical but still believes in pursuing the criminals and bringing them to justice, the concept of a female killer as sadistic as the male is something he struggles with, his view of the world slightly traditional. A family man, and a mentor to his younger partner Zara, he just wants to find out the truth.

Male, aged 50 and over

Applications closed 25 December 2021.

Female Support - Zara Khan

A new detective on her first major murder case, she wants the truth, but what is the truth. In front of her sits a woman, beaten and abused by her husband, how could she be a killer? And yet her husband insists she is an equal in their kidnapping and murder of Amelia, and she enjoys it. And it was her that killed the girl. Zara has to fight her natural instinct to protect a wife claiming abuse to find the truth about this woman.

Female, aged 28 and over

Applications closed 25 December 2021.

Female Support - Jessica Finch

Amelia's mother, grief stricken at losing her daughter, she is the heart of the story that drives the cops harder to find the killer.

Female, aged 38 and over

Applications closed 25 December 2021.

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