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Musical Theatre Actors Wanted for Original "Hunchback Musical Stage Show"

Musical Theatre Actors Wanted for Original "Hunchback Musical Stage Show"

Victoria, Australia
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Shortlisting is underway now.Shortlisting is underway now. We recommend applying as soon as possible.
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Theatrical Singers with Acting and Dancing Skills required for professional original Musical Stage Production.

The Show is called Samuel Kristy's -"The Hunchback of Notre Dame -The Musical (The Untold Story)"....[Music, Lyrics and Script by Samuel Kristy].

This is the World Premiere of this movingly powerful and captivating Musical. This is the three-dimensional -untold story of Victor Hugo’s Classic -dramatic romantic thriller.. Set in Paris 1482, this superb re-imagination of Victor Hugo's Classic Novel catapults the audience into a haunting, superstitious world, an abyss of unrequited love.

The Songs have been described by my peers as an awesome sumptuous musical feast - blending the best elements of rock, pop, world, swing, jazz and broadway. (Note some of the songs appear on my You Tube Channel ...type into the YouTube search engine the name ..."Samuel Kristy Hunchback"...Also, you can view some of the material on the Facebook Page under the name ..."Samuel Kristy".

Peter Casey AM - Renowned Australian Musical Director/Arranger of International Musicals for Cameron McIntosh and Andrew Lloyd Weber - has appraised and endorsed this Musical as follows - .........."Samuel, Congratulations for your Magnificent work …. Wonderful Compositions…. Absolutely inspiring - Beautifully written and very well-Orchestrated – Enormous Substance and Potential - I very much believe in your work. You have truly captured the essence of the music theatre genre with your soaring melodies and orchestrations”

The Production Dates/Season has been set and currently involves 18 shows - over a two week period (with a possible extension of the season available). The Venue is the iconic Alex Theatre, St. Kilda with its unique ‘LED Immersive Screens’. This is Co-Production "Samuel Kristy and Vass Productions".

A short list of 30 Performers/Applicants - will be selected by the Producers - by the 7th. of January 2022. Successful applicants at that point, will be required to attend a 'live audition' at the Alex Theatre', in mid-January 2022.(date and time to be advised to successful applicants).

There will be 3 weeks rehearsals - with the opening to be on the 6th.May 2022

Job payment

Payment TBC

Expenses paid - TBA

PRODUCERS NOTE: Applications without any Submission of an Actors Singing/Vocals ability (tone and range)....by way of a  Recording.... or Recordings ....or Links to any Recordings.... will not be viewed or considered - and cannot be successful.

This is a "Musical Theatre Spectaculer" - in the Style of Phantom. les Mis, West Side Story, Jesus Christ Superstar . requiring excellent Vocals/Singing ability, skills and talent. The prime consideration is evidence of the Actors Singing ability. Most applications so far -  have NOT included any Recordings of the Actors Singing - and therefore have been unsuccessful.

Edited 16 November 2021

UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to the Covid and Omicron Pandemic - the Alex Theatre Performances due to Comence on 6th May 2022 - will not be proceeding.Notifications and updates of dates and/or venue changes - will be provided- in due course. The safety of performers and audience - and the viability of the Show - are all paramount factors for this decision.

Edited 12 January 2022

Female Lead -Esmeralda

Character is kind, compassionate, intelligent and wild spirited - strong willed ...often leading her into trouble.

Female, aged 20 to 35

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Male Lead - Archbishop Frollo...

Character starts out an idealist, compassionate....later morphs into the arch-villain lovin/lusting after Esmeralda...Strong, commanding and manipulative...a spider.

Male, aged 35 to 55

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Gringoire - the Poet and Writer

Character is intelligent - a dreamer - protector of his friend Esmeralda ... Often gets into trouble because of his idealism, his wild views and careless actions

Male, aged 28 to 36

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Lead Quasimodo - Bellringer (Frollo's adopted son)

Character is kind, compassionate, intelligent - although qrotesque in appearance. Strong willed - inquisitive - protects and loves his Notre Dame Cathderal and his friend Esmeralda - leading him into trouble.

Anyone, aged 26 to 32

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Captain Phoebus - Captain of the King's Archers

Character is two faced - Handsome, Refined and intelligent - but an unfaithful womaniser- whilst engaged to his fiancee Fleur he has an affair with Esmeralda.Like a Judas he betrays both women.

Male, aged 32 to 45

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Fleur - Rich Aristocrat - Fiancee of Phoebus

Character is pretty - a refined and intelligent Aristocratic Woman. She feels betrayed by her womanising Phoebus....She morphs into a "Reptile Monster" ---the epitome of the metaphor "Hell Hath no Fury like a Woman Scorned"

Female, aged 32 to 40

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Sister Gadule - Retired Nun- Esmeralda's Mother

Character is a confused bitter, depressed and prejudiced soul. She labels Esmeralda a Black Witch -condemning her be hanged - because "the Gypsies had stolen and murdered her daughter".. She finds out that Esmeralda is actually her daughter - until it's too late.

Female, aged 50 to 55

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Madam Farlourdel – Lady of the House 'Innkeeper'

Character is a comedic, over-the-top, controlling, boisterous, loud mouthed Innkeeper. She may have either a strong cockney accent ...or.... strong french accent .

Female, aged 40 to 50

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Clopin - King of the Beggars, Thieves and Gypsies

Character is a strong leader - but a jovial, unpolished, rough and ready pirate type/beer drinking "King" of the "Brethren of Thieves, beggars and Gypsies"..Preferably cockney or strong french accent..

Male, aged 40 to 50

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Jehan - Professional beggar, thief and pickpocket

Character is a Jovial - rough around the edges - swearing- beer swilling - member of the Brethren of Thieves, Beggars and Gypsies. He's a street performer, professional beggar, thief and pickpocket.He is also Frollo's brother (the black sheep in the family).Preferably cockney or strong french accent..

Male, aged 30 to 35

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Devilina - Devilish Imp and Diva Temptress

Character is a charming but devilish Imp. She seduces and tempts Archbishop Frollo to become friends with his dark side - introducing him to the twisted parade of characters - the 'Seven Deadly Sins'... Needs to be a strong dancer and vocalist...

Female, aged 20 to 35

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Listing created: 15 November 2021
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