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Actors Wanted for LGBTQ+ Regency Comedy Student Short Film

Actors Wanted for LGBTQ+ Regency Comedy Student Short Film

Bolton, UK. Apply from all UK.
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It’s 1811 Regency England and Lyndsey Bonnet is about to be married to William Classy, a wealthy man of high status. However, at a very chaotic production of Macbeth, Lyndsey reunites with her first love, Claire, and remembers what it is to feel passion in life again. Will she have the courage to go against her family’s wishes and follow her own heart?

Unfortunately, due to costuming restraints, actors will need to be a specific clothing size. I wish this was not the case, but as it's a student film I have to work with the costumes that are available. I do apologize for this.

It would also be preferable if you could do your own film make-up.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Rehearsal Dates: Mid-Late March 2022
Production Dates: April 2022

Job payment

Unpaid – this is a collaboration opportunity - This is a student film for my Master's Dissertation. To be confirmed, but for one day in March (rehearsal) and around a week in April (probably early April)

Expenses paid - Travel expenses (train/bus tickets and petrol) and food/drinks. If you need a place to stay then I'm happy to discuss the possibility of paying for your accommodation.

Collaborations should create mutual benefit and are usually amateur, student or 'Time for Print' projects.

All advertisers agree to abide by the UK National Minimum Wage Act and are responsible for defining the nature of their production and any payment requirements. Find out more.

Lyndsey Bonnet

Lyndsey grew up passionate about flowers and nature, with dreams of opening her own flower shop one day. However, with three sisters and no brother to inherit her father’s fortune, Lyndsey understood from an early age that she would have to put her dreams to the side in order to help her family. She is now engaged to William Classy, who she thinks she’s in love with, but when she meets Claire again she is reminded of who she really is and what makes her happy in life.

Female, aged 20 to 25

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Claire L'Esbos

With a French aristocratic lineage, Claire’s upbringing was always focused on upholding that lifestyle; she was taught music, language, philosophy and the arts. However, Claire really found solace in reading poetry, mythology and plays (especially Shakespeare). She disapproved of her family’s superiority complex and their constant romanticism of the French aristocracy. Anne and Mary especially encouraged her in her pursuit of becoming a poet, resulting in her being disowned by her family.

Female, aged 20 to 25

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William Classy

Growing up in extreme privilege, William didn’t interact with the real world until he went to university, where he would drink, fight and sleep around. Although he doesn’t partake in those activities anymore, he doesn’t think it was wrong and that it’s just a part of how a boy grows into a man. He loves Lyndsey because she’s beautiful, pure and delicate - she also laughs at his jokes. He understands that women should be treated as human beings, but he also believes that they're different.

Male, aged 24 to 28

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Mrs. Bonnet

The oldest of five children, she took on the role of caretaker very young - especially after her mother died. She didn’t marry wealthy, but Mr. Bonnet was a good asset, although one of her sisters married very well and she has always been rather jealous of her. She was very unhappy for some time, but found solace in the church. She devotes herself to God (and more so the minister) and dedicates her time to ensuring her daughters (and everyone else) are righteous citizens of society.

Female, aged 40 to 45

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Anne Seymour Damer

Born and raised in Kent with her parents, but spent most of her childhood at her godfather's manor, Strawberry Hill. Her godfather also encouraged her, artistically, from a young age, until she became a famous sculpture, actress and author. Always an independent spirit, when her husband died she never re-married, sharing her life with her companion, Mary Berry. She enjoys dressing in men's clothes, getting together with friends and is a raging lesbian.

Female, aged 60 to 65

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Mary Berry

Born and raised in Yorkshire with her father, grandmother and sister, Mary has always been very close to her sister. In her twenties, she became acquainted with Anne Damer's godfather, and he was so fond of her that he invited her and her sister to live at Strawberry Hill. It was also around her twenties when Mary fell in love with writing, although none of her pieces have been too favourable to the public. She never had any interest in getting married, living with Anne at Strawberry Hill.

Female, aged 42 to 46

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