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Real Footage Wanted for 'Savour the Moment’ Campaign

Real Footage Wanted for 'Savour the Moment’ Campaign

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  • Located in London, UK
  • Joined December, 2017
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A food manufacturer brand has created the ‘Savour the Moment’ campaign – a celebration of the genuine, everyday moments that make life amazing.


A key element of the campaign is the use of user generated, or found footage. Short clips, around five or six seconds that display the heartwarming moments that happen in the everyday.

These moments could be funny, emotional, or touching, but they need to be interesting – we are looking for ‘something’ to happen.

The clip needs to be engaging enough that it can stand alone, as opposed to being part of a montage of moments.

We’re not looking for the moments we know people already savour - like birthdays, weddings, home comings, skydiving etc. We are looking for the extraordinary in the everyday - a little event, big or small, that would make us remember that moment as one worth savouring.


• Clips need to communicate a ‘a feel good way to start your day’.
• Must be filmed landscape.
• This could be waking up, or a morning activity, maybe with a slight nod to healthy living (this product is being pitched as an alternative to butter).
• This product is female focused, so a woman ‘starring’ in the video is a must. Families can feature but as long as a mum is the centre of the action.
• Something must happen – this video can’t be ambient or atmospheric, we’re looking for a point of interest, an event, or peak in the action, that gives a reason for someone to savour this moment.
• No obvious shots of other food types.
• Not centrered or reliant on music, as this advert will have a track overlaying the footage.
• Ideally not centered around animals.
• Seasonally neutral – should not look too wintery or summery

Suggestions for moments:

Cycling with family: A woods/ off track road where a mother and two children race around trees and speed through muddy puddles.

Zumba: A morning class outside, a small group of female friends trying to master a move with one failing. They laugh.

Bounce class: A hall of people on mini trampolines bouncing in time to music and arriving at a grand ending

Playing on swing:
Two female friends try and get the highest on the swings, they jump off and land on the ground laughing.

A female skater adjusting his wheel on a ramp before doing an impressive skate down the ramp with other skaters.

Rock climbing:
Someone showing support to their female friend as they climb a wall and nearly get to the top. Cheering when they reach the top and then abseil down ready for a high five.

Roller skating in street:
One woman trying to skate backwards whilst laughing to her friend who is handling the camera, the friend behind the camera nearly bumps into her.

Hula hooping:
A hula hoop routine, a group of friends (mainly female) try to synch their hoops only for one to drop mid routine.

Playing instrument:
A person playing piano and singing loudly without realising anyone can hear. The person behind the camera tries to sneakily record but only gets discovered by their embarrassed friend who tells them to go away laughing.

Job compensation

From £1000 per chosen clip

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Real People

Your real home footage.

Please see list of examples of footage we are looking for above.

Anyone, aged 18 and over from any country

About the advertiser
  • Located in London, UK
  • Joined December, 2017
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