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Young Ambitious Creative Father Wanted for Web Pilot

Young Ambitious Creative Father Wanted for Web Pilot

Australia. Apply worldwide.

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  • Located in Queensland, Australia
  • Joined March, 2013
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Pilot project:
"The Family".

High drama about family courts being taken down by the little people : families.

The father has the lead role.
He has met a woman online through her Facebook protest page. Her only daughter wrongfully taken away by family court order 4 years ago. She has been lost and alone posting her SOS mayday like so many other battered abused women, now losing their children in droves. She is losing hope of ever seeing her child again.

He meets her online one day and they chat and he discovers the sinister truth. "That's as good as child abduction!! " he says.. "you did nothing wrong but you are treated like a criminal!?".. "that's wrong" he says..

Intrigued by her story he soon finds out she has a spinal disability, anorexia and epilepsy and was from a top science career with training like a clinical doctor.

Stunned when he also finds out the woman had been blackmailed by her former partner to get married and the family court had named her mentally ill for leaving him. She was also on a police wanted list for "crazies" to be put into hospital for "treatment".

He could see how it had frightened her so much and her only way of trying to get help was her Facebook posts.

The more he talks to the mother and sees all the photos of her and her child on Facebook and their picture perfect life before the child was taken, the more he realises, she was framed and the conspiracy had ruined her life.

She talks to him online via Facebook Messenger and finally trusts him when he offers to help her pay for a solicitor.

The two team up in an incredible legal battle which ends the family law courts as we know them and changes their lives forever.

After several heated court room moments, a couple of shouting events outside the child's house, many phone calls to department of child safety, phone calls to politicians, petitions to parliament, calls to the United Nations and a dramatic rescue attempt lasting several weeks, the child is finally allowed to return home to her mother and their new best friend (the new father figure - the father).

Addressing disability discrimination, legal corruption and social change this is a very exciting movie project any actor will want to get involved with.

Prefer classic character actor, extremely professional and clean cut, would suit a real father with a real life passion for helping on social justice topics.

Flexible, easy going, adventurous and dedicated to saving children who have been wrongfully taken from their mothers.

Will shortlist and audition from the shortlist.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Audition date to be advised.
(Target is for January 2019)

Immediate start, with weekly work on project throughout semester 1, 2019 concluding in June 2019.

Job payment

Paid - Weekly rate to be discussed plus per hour filming

Young Father / Inspired Friend

Clean cut, tall, trendy, passionate about social justice issues and the environment, into esoteric beliefs, movie buff, maybe a musician or artist

Males, aged 25 to 45

Mother whose only child was taken by Family Court

You are a traumatised mother, your only child was taken from you by Family Court. You have had noone to support you. You were run out of the town you were living in with your child and were homeless for 2 years. You have finally got a room and your only hope is your facebook page and the internet connection included in your rent payment. You finally find 'the father' on facebook who offers to help you. Like some kind of divine miracle you start to see a light in him. Together you make history.

Females, aged 18 to 40

About the advertiser
  • Located in Queensland, Australia
  • Joined March, 2013
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