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Seven Principal Actors for Docu-Series Set in Africa and Filmed in USA

Seven Principal Actors for Docu-Series Set in Africa and Filmed in USA

Florida, USA
TV Series

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Enterprise Entertainment, based in North Palm Beach, Florida, is producing an original television limited docu-series called “CAPE TO CAIRO Africa Transcending” based on the romantic true story of Ewart Scott Grogan, who from 1898 to 1900 trekked the African continent from south to north to win the hand in marriage of the woman he loved by charting a railroad for British Colonial Imperialist Cecil Rhodes.

This limited docu-series will compare Africa across three generations of Grogan family members in the years 1898-1900 when Ewart Scott Grogan trekked from Cape to Cairo, in the 1980s years when Tony Grogan repeated the trek (filmed in 16mm) and in present times when Lauren Grogan repeated the Cape to Cairo trek last year in 2018 (filmed in 4k).

The original 1898 to 1900 Cape to Cairo trek will be re-created using actors we are now seeking with filming to take place in 2019.

The following are some of the story elements to be re-created with actors:

On his two year ultimate survival challenge, Scott Grogan encountered incredible adventure and several near-death experiences with his buddy Eddie and his wise African guide Makanjira.

In Cape to Cairo, black and white worlds collide in tumultuous conflict and eventually learn from each other the value of reconciliation and mutual respect.

At the time of this epic story, the British Empire expansion was at its peak under the reign of Queen Victoria. Her royal European competitors such as King Leopold of Belgium “scrambled” for power and wealth by colonizing the “Dark Continent” of Africa.

Empire-building was the preoccupation of Scott and his Victorian country men. After reaching Cairo, Scott married his true love and went on to be a prosperous, pioneer settler in Kenya.

Makanjira returned to South Africa by steamship and was reunited with his wife and family.

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the protagonist of the main plot.
In the script, his middle name
is used because of its easier

Scott is a fun-loving, tough-
minded, rebellious individual of
high intelligence with a strong
spirit of adventure. His late
father was a wealthy real estate
agent in London with powerful
clients such as Queen Victoria
and Prime Minister Gladstone.
Scott lives in large comfortable
homes and has the best of
education and opportunity in

Males, aged 20 to 35


GERTRUDE WATT is Scott’s love
interest. She comes from a wealthy
family. Gertrude is beautiful, honest,
and free-spirited. She is athletic and
enjoys challenges. She was married
to Scott for the rest of her life into old
age as shown here

Females, aged 20 to 35


step-father who is a stern and
controlling individual. He is a burly,
gruff man who does not approve
of Scott as a marriage partner for

Males, aged 55 to 75


EDDIE WATT is Gertrude’s brother.
He is Scott’s best friend at Cambridge
University. Eddie and Scott fight
for the British army in the Matabele
Rebellion in South Africa. He
reluctantly accompanies Scott on the
Cape to Cairo trek

Males, aged 20 to 35


CECIL RHODES is the British Empire
builder who founded the DeBeers
diamond business in South Africa. The
country of Rhodesia and the Rhodes
scholarships to Oxford University
are named after him. Cecil is a
consummate politician. His main goal is
to paint the map of Africa “British Red”
by building the Cape to Cairo railroad.

Males, aged 40 to 60


JON CORDON is the primary
antagonist of the main plot. He is a
large Belgian settler in Capetown who
is secretly working for King Leopold of
Belgium who wants more of Africa for
his empire.

Males, aged 30 to 60


MAKANJIRA is a strong-looking
Watonga king who is in charge of
Scott’s African bearers. He is very wise
and knowledgeable about the land and
the many African tribes encountered
along the Cape to Cairo route.

Males, aged 30 to 60

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