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Actors Wanted for Short Films - In a Field of Mud and Bone

Actors Wanted for Short Films - In a Field of Mud and Bone

Manchester, UK

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Three unfamiliar soldiers find themselves held down in the middle of a battlefield. With no
hope or chance of rescue, Jimmy, Arthur and Ernest help each other in realising what it is
they are fighting for.

During a terrible battle, in a field of mud and bone, three unfamiliar soldiers find themselves
held down in a small crater. Not knowing if they are surrounded by enemies or allies, Jimmy,
Arthur and Ernest desperately fight to stay alive. With the stories of loved ones and regrets
fuelling their desire to live and overcome all obstacles, three men, once strangers, very
quickly become brothers.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Production dates are likely to be between the weeks commencing March 11th and April 1st.
Auditions to be held the week commencing February 18th.

Job payment

This job is unpaid

Expenses paid - Travel

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Anxious and naive 19 year old who progresses from being unable to raise a gun out of
fear, to charging enemy lines in order to return the body of a fallen brother. Little is known on
Jimmy’s pre-war life or personal history, however he forms a very quick attachment
to Arthur and Ernest, admiring them both greatly. Jimmy begins our story terrified, incapable
and regretful, but is inspired by the stories of the two men he is trapped with to understand
the importance of why they are fighting.

Males, aged 18 to 22


Arthur is an experienced solider, and keeps Jimmy calm throughout their time held down in a crater. Arthur is wounded, having been shot in the waist. He remains a lighter,
more comedic soul in the presence of war. Arthur teasingly, but respectively, bounces his
wits off the more grounded Ernest to boost morale. Arthur reveals the reason in which he
fights, to protect his wife and unborn child. He reveals also his happiest memory, the day he
proposed, an event we see through a flashback.

Males, aged 23 to 30


War-torn, regretful and full of self loathing.
Ernest enters our story by leaping inside the crater with Jimmy for cover. When Arthur arrives, Ernest shows little connection with the two men at first, scoffing at the idea that Jimmy could be as regretful as himself. Ernest desperately wishes to return from battle to reconcile with the family he disappointed.

Males, aged 35 to 43


Charlotte is desperate to convince Arthur to not leave for war. Despite Arthur’s insistence that the experience will be an adventure, Charlotte’s only wish is for him to return home.

Females, aged 20 to 26

Ernest's Mother

A small presence in the story, but with a huge lasting effect on the character, Ernest. A
woman over her late fifties, who clearly prioritizes family above all else, never leaves the
deathbed of her beloved husband. One night, however, she is convinced by Ernest to rest
herself as he will watch over his father. The next morning, she discovers her husband has
died in the night and Ernest is nowhere to be seen. When he later returns, hungover, she
disowns Ernest from the family.

Females, aged 50 to 59

Ernest's Father

This character is similar to Ernest’s mother in both age and presence. Little is known about
his character, and is seen purely at his weakest whilst lying in his deathbed. He dies alone
after being left by Ernest, which causes his dismissal from the family.

Males, aged 50 to 60

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