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Voice Actors Required for Virtual Reality Interactive Sci-Fi Story

Voice Actors Required for Virtual Reality Interactive Sci-Fi Story

London, UK
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I'm an independent digital artist, writing an interactive story which is set in virtual reality and mostly aboard the bridge of a flying saucer: "The Starship Schrodinger's Destiny".

The story is about choice and parallel worlds and morality and meaningness.

Well. Hopefully.

It is *very* early in development, and expected to take at least another 18 months, probably more than two years, I'm still building the tech and the script is nothing but notes and ideas.

But, I'm intending many tech-tests and promo-releases along the way, and I'm at a point where I need voices for the next of those, and occasionally all through the project.

Ideally you'll be able to just get a script emailed to you and record the lines at home and email the wavs back to me, or be able to come to my home-studio in Holloway.

My dream-world perfect scenario is to get a team who'd be able to meet and play some improv games to help build team cohesion and generate script-ideas, but that seems a lot to ask and I don't like the "must be London" limit that would entail, or the expense if I had to pay for that. I'm just a guy trying to make a thing on no budget.

If you're interested in helping in any other way at all, do let me know. I could use script-editors, writers, 3d-artists, programmers, even play-testers.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Ideally maybe some improv-meets eventually, but not for a while.
Studio-recording dates can be very flexible.
Ideally you even have your own mic and do it whenever.

Job payment

Paid - £10 per hour (ish. Mostly less than an hour work)

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Last couple of days now!  Will be emailing those who have applied this weekend.

Edited 06 April 2017

Voice Actor - Simon Samson

He's a mad scientist in a lab-coat, spent many years of his life "suffering" the psychedelic effects of relativistic travel. He loves psychedelic drugs, disdains the use of anti-psychotics to ameliorate the effects of relativistic and supra-luminal travel, and probably is in some ways the cause of the story's mayhem in that it's him running home that brings the threat following him. Probably. Script is very very fluid. Barely started.

Male, aged 18 and over

Applications closed 8 April 2017.

Voice Actor - Anxi Sun

Anxi sun was born in China but was on the Mars Colony by the time she could talk. She took part in the failed Martian Rebellion, and thus spent much of her 20s in Martian jail. Since then she's raised a family, started a space-ship building company, become rich and then bankrupt before finding herself as the engineer aboard the Starship Schordinger's Destiny when mayhem breaks out and the SSD crew have to save the day. She's old, but the anti-aging drugs work well.

Female, aged 18 and over

Applications closed 8 April 2017.

Voice Actor - Coral Linwood

Coral grew up on a small farm colony in a distant world, and decided to take a year out before university as a tour-guide/public-relations aboard a colonist-lugger. Mostly keeping the colonists calm as the starship tows their tower-blocks from Earth to the colonies. She's a hippie flower-child, young and naive but smart once she overcomes her prejudices.

Female, aged 18 and over

Applications closed 8 April 2017.

Voice Actor - Yatra Jane

Yatra went into the monasteries in India at a very young age when his parents died. His at-one-with-everything skills were awesome, and he left to set up a monastery on a colony world when he came of age. After fighting in a colony revolt, he became very hedonist, now he finds being at one with the universe boring, and would sooner have a fight or a drink. But his universal connection makes him an excellent pilot, which is why he's aboard the ship as it's helm.

Male, aged 18 and over

Applications closed 8 April 2017.

Voice Actor - Krux Katlin

When Earth banned germ-line genetic engineering, a rebel colony was started on Titan with a soviet military attitude and a determination to create a transhuman race. Krux is a child of that, with golden radiation-proof skin, incredible intelligence and athletic abilities no mere human can match. But she was cast out of her home for loving too freely. She shouldn't sound Russian, exactly, but like a soviet would sound if they were bought up on Titan.

Female, aged 18 and over

Applications closed 8 April 2017.

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