Lizzy Jay

Lizzy Jay

Bristol, United Kingdom


A = Advertiser

Beautiful, Stunning and great personality!

Recommended for Acting Oct 22, 2017

very professional

Recommended for Acting Oct 10, 2017

Ultimate professional

Recommended for Acting Aug 2, 2017

Outstanding work

Recommended for Acting May 29, 2017

I wish you all the best with your career.

Recommended for Acting Mar 22, 2017

Professional great profile .. wishing you all the best with everything

Recommended for Acting Nov 19, 2016

Lizzy is a vivacious, engaging presenter who I loved working with. She is honest, hard working and original. Always professional and quick to learn new things, she would be an asset to your project.

Recommended for Acting Nov 2, 2016

Lizzy has worked with us as a presenter. She was really cooperative and perfectly followed all the directions of our director. Her attitude not only in front of the camera but also behind the scenes makes it really enjoyable to work with her. We will definetely count on her for future projects.

Recommended for Acting Oct 10, 2016

A good head shot. Good luck with your chosen path.

Recommended for Acting Aug 18, 2016

Lovely bubbly personality and professional demeanour - great to work with Lizzy!

Recommended for TV & Reality Jul 31, 2016

shes great fun :)

Recommended for Acting Jul 28, 2016

Recently worked with Lizzy. Very professional and an awesome presenter! Thanks for making our day so fun!

Recommended for TV & Reality Jul 27, 2016

Lizzy Interviewed me and other cast as ourselves and in character for the movie Saving Jane, Lizzy was professional, fun and a pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Acting Jul 26, 2016

I have just been interviewed by the amazing presenter Lizzy. She is so much fun, great at her job, and very professional. I can't wait to get interviewed again by Lizzy as she makes it fun and well worth your time. Thanks Lizzy, looking forward to seeing you again in this industry.

Recommended for Acting Jul 25, 2016

Lizzy Jay is a professional, positive, flexible and gracious presenter. She was an invaluable part of our programme, The Hump, which simply would not have been the same without her. Lizzy is quick to accept new challenges, fantastically patient, and even after hours of rehearsal, her genuine enthusiasm never wanes. I cannot recommend Lizzy enough, and I am thrilled to see where her career will go.

Recommended for TV & Reality May 22, 2016

StarNow Verified

Worked with Lizzy as a Co-Presenter on many different shows. She shows extreme professionalism and has heaps of enthusiasm for her work.

Recommended for Acting Apr 15, 2016

Recommended for Acting Mar 17, 2018

Recommended for Acting Jan 6, 2018

Recommended for Acting Oct 21, 2017

Recommended for Acting Oct 15, 2017