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Portable Spa Mock Ad: Voice over sample

01Portable Spa Mock Ad: Voice over sample
02Shampoo Mock Ad Voice over sample
03Girls Fashion Mock Ad Voice over sample

Physical Attributes

169 cm / 5ft 7in
White / Caucasian
102 cm / 40 in
Skin color:
90 cm / 35 in
106 cm / 42 in
Dress size:
UK 14 / AUS 14 / US 10
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • UK English
  • USA California

List of reviews from directors and producers I have previously worked with:

(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (Musical, Pantomime) Astolaine (Support) Anita Bound/ Kalamunda Dramatic Society
A Story of Love and War, Loss and Betrayal/ Chorus (Support) Michelle Endersbee/ Curtin University
The Kidnapping of Rose O’Connor/ Kitty O’Hara (Support) Deborah Wang/Helen O’Grady Drama Academy
Murder at Mornington Manor/ Dorothy (Support) Deborah Wang/ Helen O’Grady Drama Academy


(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
Hotel/ Lauren Myers (Support) Dylan Tilbury/ Ow My Eye Productions
Roxanne/ Roxanne (Lead) Lachlan Renk*
Staged Reality/ Caroline Wicks (Support) Watto Isboss*

(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
Rhapsody/ Mia (Lead) Chelsey Xi Chen/ University of Technology Sydney
Silent Objections/ Ella Jones (Lead) Cassie Gunthrope/ Murdoch University
Australian Gothic: Apparicious/ The Deceased (Lead) Paul Pittaway/ Pig Jam Pictures
Purgatory/ Emma (Lead) Ricky Santos/ SAE Institute*
Cupid’s Virtual Arrow/ Amy Kerr (Support) Ashley Miller/ University of Western Australia
I Know it’s Him/ Sydney Walker (Lead) Michael Glossop/ Curtin University*
Hurt/ Emily Miller (Lead) Lachlan Renk*
My Sister’s Last Wish/ Lilian (Lead) Andy Parnell/ Murdoch University
Gunfighter’s Curse: Moments/ Yuna Velks (Lead) Matt Soutar*
Opposites Attract/ Kelly Evans (Lead) Lachlan Renk*
Everyone Pays/ Jessica (Support) Andrew Pheasant/ Armadale Filmfest
Run/ Jacinta Carlisle (Support) Josiah Saxby/ Filmbites
Promise Not To Tell/ Samantha Ray (Support) Shanta Surendran/ Filmbites
The Hangout/ Demi Morgan (Support) Stacey Marie/ SAE Institute
A Short Film Named Desire/ Mikayla Duncan (Support) Alex Dermer
Don’t Gamble What You Don’t Have/ Dianne Summers Maeser (Support) Nicholas Snell/ Murdoch University
Egalite/ Grace Richardson (Support) Kirralee Coutler*
When Opportunity Knocks/ Girl Scout (Support) Martyn Withnell/ Edith Cowan University
Charlotte/ Schoolgirl (Support) Ryan O’Connell/ SAE Institute
Crossed Wires/ Worker (Support) Dir. Joshua Smith/ Edith Cowan University*
Vie/ Marriage Celebrant (Support) Megan Van Der Weide*

(Title/ Episodes/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
The Superhero Project/ Nightshade (Recurring) Gary Locke
Ace Novell/ Sera (Series Regular) Matt Soutar*
In the Hands of Todd (Pilot Episode) Michelle (Series Regular) Brian Liau*
Villain City/ Sarah Claymore (Series Regular) Patrick Bennett

(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
Euphymis- Nothing to Confess/ Serial Killer (Lead) John Silvestro
Illuminor- Misplaced Me/ Lisa (Support) Tiarna Pepall/ Edith Cowan University
G-marl Jamal- Go Tell ‘Em/ Dancer (Support) Dion Borret
John K-ay- We Do Pray For You/ Dancer (Support) John Kay
Emily Dewar-Redneck, Rolling Romance/ Dancer (Support) Alex Rogerson

(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
Wake Up (Youth Suicide Prevention) Teenager (Support) Brendan Joel Productions/ zero2hero
Corporate Video TAFE Promotion/ Daughter (Support) Lauren Cleary/ Central Tafe

(Title/ Type of Production/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
The Pre-Game (Animated Short Film) Lead/ UTS/ Nancy He & Danielle Lyle-Stirling
In the Blink of an Eye (Short Film) Becka (Support) Eduardo Martinez/ Space Bandidos Films
Doctor Who Recycles (Web series- 4 episodes) Molly (Support) Elinor Ekman/ Oakman Productions
Sucker Punch (SAE Audio Post Production Scene) Babydoll (Lead) Rhys Moses/ SAE Institute
Heathcote Mental Institution (Documentary) Patient (Support) Georgia Den-Mother Spencer/ Curtin University
Cyber Bullying (Sound Installation) Teenager (Support) Marcel de Bie/ Filmbites/ L’Oréal Fashion Festival

*= Project incomplete

(Course/ Company/ Teachers)
Foundations (6 weeks) Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop/ Ben Matthews
Your Acting Blueprint Level 2 (12 weeks) The Perth Film Network Acting Studio/ Debbie Thoy, Marcelle Weber
Your Acting Blueprint Level 1 (6 weeks) The Perth Film Network Acting Studio Debbie Thoy, Marcelle Weber
Intensive Class (8 weeks) Nicholson’s’ Academy of Screen Acting (N.A.S.A) Fern Nicholson
Screen Acting –Intensive (1 year) Filmbites/ Shanta Surendran
American Accent Training (5 weeks) James Hagan
Screen Acting- Advanced (10 weeks) Filmbites/ Fern Nicholson
Acting for Film and TV (8 weeks) The Perth Film Network Acting Studio/ Debbie Thoy
Monologue Class (6 weeks) The Perth Film Network Acting Studio Debbie Thoy
Youth Theatre (1 year) Helen O’Grady Drama Academy/ Deborah Wang

(Course/ Company/ Teachers)
3 Day On-Camera Intensive/ Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop/ Anthony Meindl
Acting Essentials Course/ National Institute of Dramatic Art (N.I.D.A) Michael McCall
Thea McLeod Casting Workshop/ The Australian Film & Television Academy (T.A.F.T.A) Thea McLeod
Perth Professional Workshop/ Sydney Screen Acting Group (S.S.A.G) Chum Ehelepola
The Heart of Drama Workshop/ Faith Martin and Associates/ Faith Martin
Marketing Yourself Like a Pro Seminar/ The Perth Film Network/ Jason Siner
Breaking into the Biz Seminar/ The Perth Film Network/ Jason Siner
Agent Spectacular Workshop/ Acting Classes in Perth/ Loren Johnson
Screen Show Reel Workshop/ The Actors Workshop/ Courtney Sage Hart, Nichola Renton
The Actor Who Succeeds Workshop/ Acting Classes in Perth/ Loren Johnson
Screen Acting Workshop/ Nicholson’s’ Academy of Screen Acting/ Fern Nicholson, Wayne Nicholson
Three Day Screen Acting Workshop/ Acting Classes in Perth/ Loren Johnson
Audition Skills Workshop/ Filmbites/ Marie Rodger
One Day Screen Acting Workshop/ Acting Classes in Perth/ Loren Johnson
Getting Emotional Workshop/ Stirling Players


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
Son of a Gun/ Beach Girl (Extra) Julius Avery/ Altitude Film Entertainment
These Final Hours/ Kissing Teenager (Extra) Zac Hilditch/ 8th in Line
The Reckoning/ Girl in Cafe (Extra) John V. Soto / Filmscope Entertainment

(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
Arcanum (Pilot Episode) Lorianna Myers (Featured Extra) Grimalkin Entertainment
Student Shorts (2 episodes) Bikini girl (Featured Extra) Ruben Pracus/ West TV (Channel 44)

(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
Don’t Be Blind/ Teenage daughter (Featured extra) Tok Wee Ee/ McCusker Centre/ Curtin University
Josh’s Story/ Friend (Extra) Ross Metcalf/ Media Buzz Online
When Harley Meets Miss Davidson/ Girlfriend (Extra) Waheed Naddafi/ Moustache Films
Gobsmacked/ Audience Member (Extra) Callan Manners/ Central TAFE
Squatter/ University student (Extra) Waheed Naddafi
Diamonds are Forever/ Café customer (Extra) Shane Tan/ Curtin University
The Soulless Harbour/ Woman (Extra) Grant Campbell/ BlackCutFilms
Sphere/ Girl at Funeral (Extra) Josiah Saxby/ Filmbites Partnership Program
The Third Wheel/ Café customer (Extra) Gregg Johnson/ Filmbites
Blue Drag/ Girlfriend (Extra) Burleigh Smith/ Wavebreaker

(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
City Streets (Pilot Episode) Food Caterer (Extra) Rebecca Kerr/ Shie Dog Productions
Before I Was Famous- Magic (1 Episode) Fruit Thrower (Extra) Binu Jayawardena

(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
VSNDL- Epignosis/ Dancer (Featured extra) Matt Soutar
David Pensabene- David Pensabene/ Girl in Pub (Extra) Yon Tung/ Murdoch University
Ruby Boots -Wise Up/ Train Passenger (Extra) Paul Komadina


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

I have modelled for various photographers and companies in over 60 photo shoots including 3 successful online magazine publications and 1 online government article publication.

I have also worked as a brand ambassador and promotional model (casual) for various agencies, including Activ8Media and Promotions, CBD Promotions, Linq Promotions, Live Works, Yes Australia, Mozeek Promotions and Fashion Events Model Management.

Photographic Modelling- Article Publication:

*Published in article "Pool safety a hot topic this summer" by Department of Commerce, Government of Western Australia (Published on 10th December 2015)
Underwater photo shoot (Myself modelling a mermaid tail)
Photography by The Shed Studios. Make-up by Amy Bryce.

Photographic Modelling- Magazine Publications:

*Published in Freque Magazine - Vol 17 Part 1 (Published on December 23rd 2014)
Photographed by Kayla Wilkinson- Forbidden Outcast Photography

* Published in Jorie Magaizne- Issue 2- September 2013
"Alice in Wonderland" (Lauren Thomas as Alice) photographed by Aston Rae- Hex Photography

*Published in Kultur Mag- Issue 25.1- September 2013
“Meanings of Names” (Lauren - Laurel Plant) photographed by Ken Taylor

TV & Reality

I don't have any piercings (except for 1 traditional piercing in each earlobe). I don't have any tattoos at all.
Special Skills:
Swimming, Mountain Biking, Cycling, Basketball, Gymnastics, Triathlon
Currently holds (all valid): NSW Full (Unrestricted) Drivers Licence (Class C-A), Passport

Film & Stage Crew

Art & Costume Design ability


Directing & Writing ability


Runner or Assistant ability


My experience in film lies mostly within acting, however I have a producer credit on a short film that I worked on, "Australian Gothic: Apparicious". I also wrote my character's monologue in the feature film "Hotel".

I have also helped out in general behind the scenes on many of the short films I have acted in. All of the short films I've worked on have been team efforts with people taking on multiple jobs.

I trained in screen acting at Filmbites for 1 year and 10 months. When we (the Filmbites students) made films, we all took on different crew roles and worked as a team behind the scenes.

I worked as a Co-Producer, Co-Creator, Co-Writer and Co-Presenter on the radio show 'The Writer’s Circle'. It went live to air every Sunday afternoon for 16 weeks on Heritage 107.3 HFM.

I worked as the Producer, Creator, Writer and Presenter on the radio show 'Thank God it's Friday'. It went live to air every Friday evening for 13 weeks on Heritage 107.3 HFM.


TV presenter experience

Previous unpaid TV presenter roles

Radio presenter experience

Previous unpaid Radio presenter roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • UK English
  • USA California


(Title/ Episodes/ Role/ Director/ Network)
I’m On The Road (4 Episodes) Co-Presenter/ Anne Mckenzie/ West TV (Channel 44)

(Title/ Episode/ Role/ Interview title/ Director/ Production Company)
Popcorn/ S2 E7/ Presenter, Interviewer/ Peter Combe Interview/ John Bailey/ Herding Cats Productions
Popcorn/ S3 E2/ Presenter, Interviewer/ Two Bees, Blue Room Theatre Interview/ John Bailey/ Herding Cats Productions

(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
The Autumn Harvest Festival 2014/ Presenter, Interviewer/ Stuart Shepherd/ One Universe Studios
Bonus Life- Gaming Documentary/ Presenter, Interviewer/ Peter De Bari/ Murdoch University
Ignite Launch at UWA Documentary/ Presenter, Interviewer/ Michael J Taran/ WASTV/ Ignite Mentoring
Graffiti Heads Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation Fundraiser/ Presenter, Interviewer/ Morgan Gail

(Course/ Company/ Teachers)
TV Presenter Intensive/ Jacqueline Alliss Casting/ Ray Pedretti, Jacqueline Alliss
Presenting for the Screen Workshop/ Filmbites/ Christian Horgan
Avenue 2 Radio Training Course/ RTR FM 92.1/ Sarah Tout

(Show/ Role/ Director/ Radio Station)
Thank God it’s Friday (Weekly live to air programme, Fridays 6pm- 8pm from 01/05/2015 to 16/10/2015/ Presenter, Writer, Producer/ Heritage 107.3 HFM
The Writer’s Circle (Weekly live to air programme, Sundays 3pm- 4.30pm, from 16/11/2014 to 15/02/2015/ Co-presenter, Co-writer, Co-producer/ Heritage 107.3 HFM
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