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Credits & experience

  • Tattoo Magazine Photoshoot Phuket Thailand : Photographer
  • Annual National Spain Martial Arts Tournament : Event Photographer
  • Barcelona Gymnastics Academy : Photographer
  • Fashion Editorial Photoshoot in Munich, Germany : Photographer
  • Swimwear collection Photoshoot Pattaya, Thailand : Photographer
  • Swimwear collection Photoshoot Phuket, Thailand : Photographer
  • Fashion Editorial Studio Photoshoot in Seoul, South Korea : Photographer
  • Fashion Editorial Studio Photoshoot in Seoul, South Korea : Photographer
  • Seoul International Womens Association : World Embassy Event Photographer
  • Seoul International Womens Association Magazine : Photographer( Articles )
  • Camarata Music School Fundraiser Event : Event Photographer
  • Seoul Luxury Magazine : Fashion Editorial Photoshoot
  • Seoul Yongsan International School : Photographer( Architectural/Real Estate)
  • British Embassy Seoul, South Korea : Event Photographer
  • Seoul Fashion Week( Seoul, South Korea) : Photographer


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I am currently based in Sydney and I am a portrait photographer. Lover of beer, pepperoni pizza and talking anything creative. I specialise in fashion, beauty and glamour also boudoir and swimwear styles of photography. Ive been fortunate enough to travel around the world for last 4 years and also to work with some very talented artists all over the world so using that experience and knowledge then adding my own stamp on my photographs makes them very unique.

I have had the opportunity to work in the quite a few different areas of photography however these days I mainly working with people creating portraits. I have been published in couple of different magazines and a few different online publications. Also working at Seoul Fashion Week in Seoul, South Korea was an incredible experience which I am very grateful for.

I prefer to work with natural light however depending on the project i am confident and comfortable working in a studio along side other professionals on set.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me

Thank you

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