Lynzey P

Lynzey P

Ontario, Canada


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Lynzey is the only person on this site to actually answer a message. As the standards continue to plummet online, the average applicant expresses an initial enthusiasm, and then fails to answer any communication to move forward. Thus, I would recommend Lynzey as an exceptionally reliable person.

Recommended for Makeup Artist Aug 11, 2018

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Very beautiful photos very talented and photogenic look forward to meeting you and all the best from Wilko

Recommended for Acting Mar 24, 2018

Grind management of OBU Entertainment has reviewed your application. You are in Our top Two.... Please Download Tour Track to complete application to process your Audition/ Audition On-Line. See You at the Top, OBU Entertainment

Recommended for Acting Aug 1, 2016

Recommended for Acting Mar 30, 2018