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Voice-over actor - Character Showreel

Showreel of voice-over character voices

01Voice-over actor - Character Showreel
02Voice-over narrator - Travel Show
03Voice-over actor - DamaGE ControL
04Voice-over announcer - Lucy Peut
05Voice-over narrator - Body Art Festival
06Voice-over narrator - Kalenda Music
07Voice-over actor - Henry
08Radio comedy - Good Advice
09Song - Neon Highwire - Common Ground
010Song - Antiba - The Unwritten Rule

Physical Attributes

182 cm / 6ft 0in
80 kg / 176 lbs
White / Caucasian
98 cm / 39 in
Skin color:
83 cm / 33 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • The Vices - BOY : Seedy Policition
  • Heavy Lockdown - Love The Love Music Video : Love Interest
  • Journey of a dead man : Soldier 2
  • 500 Section Lounge Podcast : Interview guest
  • Real Power Talk - Gavin Phillips meets Airways : Improv actor / Interview host
  • Real Power Talk - Nigel America meets Husky Loops : Improv actor / Interview host
  • The Series of Mana : Tomato Man / Steamed Crab
  • Working From Home (sketch comedy) : Director, actor, composer, writer
  • Day In-Day Out Podcast : Interview Guest
  • Cuccurullo Conversations : Interview Guest
  • Yes But Why Podcast : Improv expert guest
  • Real Power Talk - Underscore meets Shht : Improv actor / Interview host
  • Real Power Talk - Nigel America meets Acres : Improv actor / Interview host
  • Real Power Talk - Underscore meets Henge : Improv actor / Interview host
  • Real Power Talk - Nigel America meets PUP : Improv actor / Interview host
  • LYFAO : Comedy night host and curator
  • Tiger Crew - Kevin Is in Jail : Music video director and actor
  • Drack (feature film) : Edward (jilted groom)
  • easylaughs : Performer, teacher and writer with Amsterdam's biggest comedy collective
  • Thumb Wrestling Movie Podcast : Interview Guest arguing against the Deadpool franchise
  • Hello Au Revoir (feature film) : Featured cast
  • Chili Con Comedy : Cast member with the Eindhoven based improv troupe
  • 8Minuten Podcast : Interview as a Standup Comedian
  • Here In Holland Podcast : Interview Guest
  • Kalenda Music Podcast : Host and interviewer
  • 9 To 9 : Police officer
  • Silence The Sun - Fault Line : Music video actor
  • Comedy Commentary Cinema : Improv show host
  • Bris Funny Fest : Comedy festival director featuring over 50 shows and 100 performances
  • ImproMafia's Potter Unplotted : Cast member in the improv show at the Brisbane Comedy Festival
  • Cluedo! The Interactive Game : Immersive Theatre show cast member / writer
  • ABC Brisbane's Hi-Fidelity : Interview Guest / Music Expert
  • ABC Brisbane's Eat The Week : Panelist on multiple shows
  • Fool's Gold Theatre podcast : Voice Actor, numerous roles
  • What's Your Name, What Do You Do? Podcast with Lindsay Webb : Interview Guest
  • Elizabeth Dawson: When you know nothing about cars : Comedy short actor (mechanic)
  • Neon Highwire - Initialise : Music Video Director
  • 4ZZZ Radio Brisbane : Interview Guest on Film Club
  • The Vixen's Vibe Podcast : Interview Guest
  • Second Take Movie Podcast : Guest interviewee
  • Neon Highwire - SRS BSNS : Music video director, actor, dancer
  • Good Advice Podcast : Sketch Creator
  • Neon Highwire - Just Suppose : Music video director
  • Neon Highwire - Older Forests : Music video director
  • Neon Highwire - Kim Jong Il Looking At Things : Music video director
  • Neon Highwire - Under Moonlight : Music video director
  • Neon Highwire - Creation #4.00 : Music video director
  • BBC's The One Show : Featured as part of the segment about Cringe
  • Neon Highwire - Bear At The Bus Stop : Music video director & actor
  • Sustain This : Comedy video short actor


Acting experience

Previous unpaid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • USA Boston
  • USA New York
  • French
  • German
  • Russian

Regular gigging stand-up comedian with numerous shows performed internationally.
Featured as Edward in the 2019 feature film Drack.
Creator and star of multiple comedy shorts.
Host of the character-based interview show Real Power Talk.
Performed as part of the Brisbane Comedy Festival 2017 at the Powerhouse.
Trained improviser with performance and teaching experience working with acclaimed companies easylaughs, ImproMafia and Chili Con Comedy.
Immersive theatre actor in Cluedo the Interactive Game on the Kookaburra River Queen showboat in 2017.
Featured in a number of music videos including multiple made by the band Neon Highwire.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

In addition to my professional, flexible attittude, I have professional audio and film recording equipment which allows me to work efficiently from home or on location.


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out


Guitar ability


Bass Guitar ability


Keyboard ability


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Electronic
  • Hip-hop

Influences: The Dismemberment Plan, Future Of The Left, Ted Leo, Spoon, Beck, Why?

Composer for a number of video projects, working ad-hoc to customer specifications.
Former member of the electro/rock/pop band Neon Highwire who toured nationally around the UK and featured on BBC radio amongst others.
Former member of the critically acclaimed rock/emo band Antiba who toured nationally around the UK.
Former host of an open mic night in Bath, UK.
Former guitar tutor for beginner guitarists in Bridgend, UK.
Plays guitar, sings and plays piano / keys with extensive recording and production experience.

TV & Reality

Featured on the BBC's The One Show.
Guest comedy panellist on ABC's Eat The Week.
Directed and starred in multiple Neon Highwire music videos.
Interviewed and featured on TV chat shows as self in Neon Highwire, e.g. Little House.
Extra work in multiple TV recordings for S4C and BBC Wales.


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Contemporary

Hair, Makeup & Styling

Hair Styling ability



TV presenter experience

Previous unpaid TV presenter roles

Radio presenter experience

Previous unpaid Radio presenter roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • USA Boston
  • USA New York
  • French
  • German
  • Russian

Regular paid comedy MC and host.
Host and interviewer with the Real Power Talk show.
Host of the Comedy Commentary Cinema improv night.
Host of the LYFAO comedy night.
Host and interviewer with the Kalenda Music podcast.
Numerous voice acting roles as presenter.

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