Marcio Teixe

Marcio Teixe

London, United Kingdom


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A fantastic model - as Marcio does have the look

Recommended for Modelling Jan 11, 2019

Marcio was a pleasure to work with; he was enthusiastic, punctual and took direction well. He worked hard at learning the fight choreography and delivered his performance really well. He was professional and fun to have on set.

Recommended for Acting Aug 4, 2014

A reliable extra. Happy and friendly. Wish you all the best in your future work.

Recommended for Acting Apr 28, 2014

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Very nice and positive personality, good to work with

Recommended for Acting Apr 26, 2014

Thank you.

Recommended for Acting Feb 11, 2014

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Recommended for Dancing Aug 5, 2015

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Recommended for Acting Apr 1, 2015

Recommended for Acting May 22, 2014

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