Maria Lidze

Maria Lidze Pro

London, United Kingdom


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She is amazing

Recommended for Acting Jul 25, 2021

Amazing range of expression and brings energy to the shoot. Maria Is professional, punctual and brings 110%. She has a wide breath of acting ability and can switch easily between characters and mood. Would highly recommend.

Recommended for Acting Jul 14, 2021

Maria has been great to work with. She’s very talented and professional, also very entertaining and charismatic. Really recommend this artist.

Recommended for Acting Jun 10, 2021

Maria has such a unique and smooth voice, she is outgoing, expressive and authentic. Great personality!

Recommended for Singing May 19, 2021

Maria was a pleasure to work with, punctual and a good actress! Would definitely recommend her.

Recommended for Acting Apr 12, 2021

Maria is a very professional model and poses very well. She’s also very kind person. I definitely enjoyed working with her and I am looking for next sessions.

Recommended for Modelling Mar 21, 2021

Professional and friendly

Recommended for Band Dec 26, 2020

StarNow Verified

Really professional and high quality work take after take. Took notes and direction super well and delivered exactly what was required. Would cast again. Recommended!

Recommended for Production Management Nov 17, 2020

Very easy to work with, confident and understanding.

Recommended for Modelling Oct 26, 2020

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... and a singer to... Loq... Cool.

Recommended for Band Oct 26, 2020

Professional, lively and simply a joy to work with, would definitely recommend!

Recommended for Modelling Oct 23, 2020

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I couldn't recommend anyone better to work with easy going fast learner, timely and fun to work with.

Recommended for Acting Sep 15, 2020

Very professional

Recommended for Acting Aug 31, 2020

Great and amazing to work with

Recommended for Modelling Aug 5, 2020

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I highly recommend Maria, Such a professional in whatever role she takes on. She has it all! Looks, talent, and has a great personality. She can even sing. You will not be disappointed.

Recommended for Modelling Jul 24, 2020

Excellent audition, just wasn't right for that particular part, but will look to use her on more suitable projects

Recommended for Acting May 2, 2020

StarNow Verified

Maria starred in a music video shoot ("Reves Bizarres") that I filmed for a producer. She played the role excellently, putting herself 'in character' to achieve what the producer required. A versatile actor and model who will add a touch of class and elegance to any production. Very highly recommended!

Recommended for Acting Mar 6, 2020

Maria, ah Maria! Great performer! Intelligence, beauty and style in 1! We worked together on Venom 2 and it was amazing! Later on I found out what kind of talented singer and performer she is! Great model as well! Dedicated, professional and passionate! I highly recommend her!

Recommended for Singing Mar 6, 2020

Maria was great and full of energy really added to the feel of the shoot! Will definitely work with her again on upcoming projects.

Recommended for Acting Oct 24, 2019

It was a great pleasure to work with Maria! She is a very creative person and is really passionate about what she does. She would be a fantastic addition to your project!

Recommended for Acting Aug 16, 2019