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Victoria, Australia
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Physical Attributes

157 cm / 5ft 2in
91 cm / 36 in
52 kg / 114 lbs
Dress size:
UK 8 / AUS 8 / US 4
White / Caucasian
Eye color:
91 cm / 36 in
Hair color:
Skin color:
Hair length:
76 cm / 30 in
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • "Apprev"., dir Damian Harris, Effenshot Films : Justice Hart
  • "The Wayman's Can", dir Tyrie Aspinall (VCA) : Sharon/mother (support)
  • "The Fall", dir Shannon Anderson (VCA) : Mother (support)
  • Impulse Trailer : Iris West (support)
  • PEM Three Month Program
  • "Look!", short film : Wendy
  • PEM Term 3 : Training in Perdekamp Emotional Method
  • Rehearsal Room : Ongoing acting training
  • "The Man in the Bowler Hat", short film, dir Jerry Creaney : Laura
  • "Leach", short film, dir Rebecca Thompson, Deakin Masters : Older Annalise
  • "No Exodus", dir Lauren Coshall, Swinburne : Mrs Alton (lead)
  • "A Darker Kind of Mind", dir Nathan Klooger, Swinburne : Melissa
  • "On the Unkindness of Ravens", short film, dir Shannon Anderson, VCA : Grandma
  • Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM)
  • "Bloodletting", short film, dir Katia Mancuso : Temme (support)
  • Cabrini Hospital Training Film, dir Matthew Smolen, Balloon Tree Productions : Peta (Nurse)
  • "The New Jerusalem", dir Kiefer Findlow : Office Lady (support)
  • "Dad", feature, dir Rob Lobosco : Hilda/Social Worker (support)
  • "Natural Causes", short film, dir Shannon Anderson (VCA) : Warwick's Wife (support)
  • "Cryptocurrency", web series, dir Max Miller : Mark's Mother (Aunty Donna)
  • "Flunk", web series, dir Ric Forster : Teacher (support)
  • "El Nino", short film, dir Nikita Dunovits-Ferrier : Motel Manager
  • Training Film, University of Melbourne, Dept of General Practice : Domestic Violence victim
  • Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM)
  • "Next: Ride the Wave", Celebrant, support, TV series, dir Noel Anderson : Celebrant, support
  • "Resistance", short film, dir Edward Hartley Tom : Maryla, support
  • Voice classes (Jenny Kent) : Ongoing
  • Alexander Technique (Penny McDonald) : Ongoing
  • Rehearsal Room : Masterclass: Ongoing
  • Peeple People, web series, dir James Werrett : Kerry
  • No Pink Cowboys, web series, dir Jonathon Gittus : Office worker, support
  • Windscreen Watch, Ch 31 TV series : Fiona Davison, support, dir Luke Morrison
  • The Quadrilites, webisode: Dee (lead) : RMIT
  • Death in Suburbia, short film: Judith (lead) : Swinburne, dir Molly Barron
  • The City at Night, short film : Dawn (mother), support, dir Jack Ralph
  • One True Love, short film, dir Fook Ngo : Esther (lead)
  • Emo the Musical, dir Neil Triffett : Science Teacher
  • Alexander Technique (Penny McDonald) : Ongoing classes
  • Rehearsal Room : Masterclass (ongoing)
  • Nullarbor (trailer), dir Matt Poidevin : Fay Knowles (lead)
  • "Insomnolence", short film, dir Kiefer Findlow, (VCA) : Ira, (support)
  • "Blessed Fruit", short film, dir Nick Richardson (VCA) : Margaret (lead)
  • "Forgetfulness", short film : Anita (support), dir Mayur Katariya
  • Happy Mummas "Unwanted Advice" promotion : Mother-in-Law
  • Training Video, Vic Responsible Gambling : Gambler
  • "Flora", short film, dir Sasha Kane : Mother Ionesco, support
  • "Innuendo", feature, dir Saara Lamberg (post) : Art Supervisor (support)
  • Acting classes - various including ongoing film and television and casting workshops : Rehearsal Room
  • Penny McDonald : Alexander Technique classes
  • Rehearsal Room : Acting classes - film / television
  • "Stop" : Gwen, Lead, dir Jenna Barker
  • "Blackened Heart" : Wife, support
  • "The Palace" : Mother, support
  • MOFILM TVC competition : Grumpy Theatre Goer, dir Tom Graham
  • "Innocent Mistake" : Teacher, support, dir Philip Lemon
  • Frankston Hospital Training Video : Distressed Patient
  • Federation Square : Diner, Promotional film
  • Aiden : Neighbour, bit part, Dir Lisa Campos
  • Blue Cross TVC : Lead, Manager
  • Brave Studios : Weekend Intensive with Damien Walshe-Howling
  • VCA : Voice training
  • The Rehearsal Room : 6 week Acting Workshop
  • TAFTA : Scene Workshop (Jo O'Shaughnessy)
  • The Rehearsal Room : Summer Actors' Intensive
  • Suncorp, Live Activation : "Wife", live scene for corporate promotion
  • Monash and Melbourne Universities : Simulated Patient, Medical Exams
  • "Weird Uncles Inc" : Elderly Lady, short film, comedy, Dir Kristen Coldon
  • Brave Studios : Casting Workshop (Nick Hamon)
  • Melbourne Acting School (Bruce Alexander) : Acting classes (weekly) - scene/character development
  • "Meme, Myself and I" : "Teacher", Dir. Rani Halwani, SAE Institute
  • "Strongest Form of Magic" : "Manager", Dir. James Werrett, Swinburne
  • "Dreamer" : "Mother", Dir, Ryan Thomas, RMIT
  • The Adventures of Captain Kloberfang : Mother, Dir James Werrett
  • BB Gun : Office Manager, VCA, Dir Fatima Mawas
  • Christmas Dinner : Mother, Swinburne student film
  • Melbourne Acting Studio (Bruce Alexander) : Acting Classes (weekly)
  • "The Trouble with Alexander" : "Headmistress", Dir Blake Borcich, Tropfest entrant (top 50)
  • Youth Project : Featured extra
  • APIA TVC : Featured extra
  • "Killervision" - feature film : 2 bit parts (speaking)
  • Ongoing acting classes : Melbourne Acting Studio (Bruce Alexander)
  • Acting for TV : Brave Studios, Kim Krejus
  • TAFTA : Emotions 1
  • Verve Studios : Acting for TV / Camera
  • "Spanish Eyes" (student film) : Mother
  • TAFTA : US Improvisation
  • TAFTA : Elements 1, Elements 2
  • Victorian College of the Arts : Introduction to Acting


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Triple Talent Management

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Union memberships
  • MEAA

"Look!", short film, Wendy, support, dir Adam Trad, 2019
"The Man in the Bowler Hat", short film, Laura, support, dir Jerry Creaney, 2018
"Leach", short film, witch/older Annalise, support, dir Rebecca Thompson, Deakin Masters, 2018
"No Exodus", Mrs Alton, lead, short film, dir Lauren Cosshall, Swinburne, 2018
"A Darker Kind of Mind", Melissa, support, short film, dir Nathan Klooger, Swinburne, 2019
"On the Unkindness of Ravens", Grandma, support, short film, dir Shannon Anderson, VCA, 2018
"Bloodletting", Temme, support, short film, dir Katia Mancuso, 2018
Cabrini Hospital Training Film, Peta (Nurse), lead, Balloon Tree Productions, dir Matthew Smolen, 2018
"The New Jerusalem", Office Lady, short film, support, dir Kiefer Findlow, 2018
"Natural Causes", Warwick's Wife, support, dir Shannon Anderson (VCA), 2018
"Cryptocurrency", Mark's Mother (Aunty Donna), web series, support, dir Max Miller, 2018
"Flunk", Head Teacher, web series, support, dir Ric Forster, 2018
Motel Manager, "El Nino", short film, support, dir Nikita Dunovits-Ferrier, 2017
"Phi & Me", web series, featured extra, dir Melanie Killingsworth, 2017
Joanne, "Going Up", short film, lead, SAE Institute, 2017
Neighbour, "Money Mouth", web series, support, dir Allana Convey, 2017
Elderly Lady, "Westermarck Effect", feature film, support, dir Saara Lamberg, 2017
Domestic Violence Training film, University of Melbourne Dept of General Practice, produced by XO Studios, 2017
Maryla, "Resistance", short film, support, dir Edward Hartley Tom, 2017
Celebrant, "Next" series 2, web series, support, dir Noel Anderson, 2017
Science Teacher, "Emo the Musical", dir Neil Triffett, 2016
Office Worker, "No Pink Cowboys", web series, dir Jonathon Gittus, 2016
Nanna Davidson, "Windscreen Watch", support, TV series Ch 31, dir Luke Morrison, 2016
Kerry, "Peeple People", web series, dir James Werrett, 2016
Esther, lead, "One True Love", dir Fook Ngo, 2016
Dawn, "The City at Night", dir Jack Ralph, 2016
Science Teacher, "Emo the Musical", dir Neil Triffett, 2016
Fay, Nullarbor trailer, dir Matt Poidevin, 2015
Judge, St Columba's College "Move Boldly" Campaign, dir Patrick Hassall, 2015
Simulated Patient, Deakin University School of Psychology, 2015
Ira, support, "Insomnolence", VCA, dir Kiefer Findlow, 2015
Margaret (Mother Superior), lead, "Blessed Fruit", VCA, dir Nick Richardson, 2015
Grandmother, "The Little One", Swinburne, dir Bianca Perillo, 2015
Anita, "Forgetfulness", support, dir Mayur Katariya, 2015
Mother-in-Law, Happy Mummas ""Unwanted Advice" promotion, dir Shalini Hillas, 2015
Gambler, VRGF training video, Storylab, dir Antonio Cafasso, 2015
Art Supervisor, "Innuendo", post production, dir Saara Lamberg, 2015
Mother Ionesco, "Flora", post production, dir Sasha Kane, 2015

Speaking and non-speaking parts in short films between 2008 - 2014
Featured Extra on TV series, films and commercials.

Three years at Melbourne Acting Studio with Bruce Alexander.
Range of short courses including Acting Intensive and ongoing training and casting workshops at the Rehearsal Room from 2013 - current. I also attend regular classes in the Alexander Technique with Penny McDonald.


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