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Glasgow, United Kingdom
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You Saved My Life

Electric guitar instrumental

01You Saved My Life
02Kindred Dreamers
03Skimming Stones
04For Now
05Catching Up

Credits & experience

  • Venue Performance : Musician/Songwriter
  • Venue Performance : Musician/Songwriter
  • Venue Performance : Musician/Songwriter
  • Venue Performance : Musician/Songwriter
  • 'Game of Thrones Compendium' Competition Finalist - Original Song : Songwriter/Musician/Producer
  • Venue Performance : Musician
  • Venue Performance : Musician
  • Personal Projects : Songwriter/Lyricist
  • Youtube - Music in Myths : Producer
  • Youtube - Music in Myths : Composer
  • Venue Performance : Musician/Songwriter
  • A Group Productions : Sound Designer/Engineer/Editor
  • Venue Performance : Musician/Songwriter
  • Personal Projects : Musician
  • Venue Performance : Musician/Songwriter
  • A Group Productions : Sound Designer/Engineer/Editor
  • A Group Productions : Composer
  • Venue Performance : Musician/Songwriter
  • A Group Productions : Composer
  • Venue Performance : Musician/Songwriter
  • Personal Projects : Sound Designer/Engineer/Editor
  • Venue Performance : Musician/Songwriter
  • Venue Performance : Musician/Songwriter
  • University of the Highlands and Islands : Student/Musician
  • Venue Performance : Musician/Songwriter
  • Personal Projects : Songwriter/Lyricist
  • Venue Performance : Musician
  • Venue Performance : Musician


Guitar ability


Bass Guitar ability


Keyboard ability


Vocal ability

Backing vocals

Composer ability


Producer ability


Singing styles
  • Pop

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Metal

For more audio & video of me check out my personal project in the following links:


BA Honours Degree in Popular Music Performance
University of the Highlands and Islands - Perth
2007 to 2011

About me:

Dedicated and self-motivated graduate seeking long term position which utilises my creativity and skills developed during studies. My biggest passion in life is music. My education coupled with my own work projects have accumulated over ten years’ experience writing, studying and performing music in a variety of intensive roles. From writing to engineering to producing, my ability to adapt has given me an inherent aptitude for solving problems and drive to make each performance be the best it can be. My time spent learning and progressing has taught me many invaluable skills applicable to any position.

Skills such as:
• Proficiency - Talented multi-instrumentalist including guitar, bass, vocals, mandolin and keyboard.
• Adaptability - Skilled sound designer, editor, mixer and engineer as well as implementation with music software/hardware.
• Dedication - Songwriter and lyricist with vast knowledge of musical techniques and arrangement.
• Collaboration - Working with project leaders and team members has helped me pursue the individual needs of employers, building meaningful industry relationships.
• Efficiency & Organisation - Can confidently learn new tasks quickly in order to maximize productivity in a solo or team oriented environment.
• Time Management – Able to prioritise tasks comfortably when working to strict deadlines.
• Creativity - Highly creative when producing work, exploring many different avenues to reach goals.
• Motivation & Professionalism – Understands the needs of an employer and will work as hard as possible to fulfil them.
• Communication – Both written and verbal developed from dissertation writing/Q&A sessions have allowed a genuine rapport to develop between clients.
• Problem Solving - Adept troubleshooting skills.
• Technical – Expert use of computers with digital audio workstations, MS Office, editing, online promotion and email from extensive use in all personal and professional projects.
• Confidence - Positive feedback gathered from peers/lecturers on original work material and regular performances have instilled a level of confidence in future work.

Technical Equipment:

Avian Songbird Acoustic Guitar
Maverick C1, Electric Guitar
Stratocaster (Custom w/ Dimarzio John Petrucci Pickup) Electric Guitar
Ibanez EWN30SY, Classical Guitar
Stagg SW201, Acoustic Guitar
Cantible Classic F – Style Mandolin

Hughes and Kettner Matrix 100 Guitar Amplifier Half Stack with Matrix 100 Head and SC412 Cabinet

Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler
Jim Dunlop Cry Baby
Boss ME-50 Multi-Effects

Areas available to work:

Willing to work anywhere
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