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Peterborough, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

175 cm / 5ft 9in
80 kg / 176 lbs
White / Caucasian
96 cm / 38 in
Skin color:
86 cm / 34 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
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Acting experience


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Photo shoot.
Location, London.
I took part in a Grandstand Photo Shoot / Recording at the Emirates Stadium. I had a fantastic day being a crazy sports fan.

Social media commercial.
Location, London.
I took part in a online commercial for HP Computers. I played the part of an office worker who starts to go into a dance routine with the other office staff. I had a great day doing this role.

Feature Film, Dead Cert.
Location, London.
I was part of a crowd that was cheering on one of the fighters in a warehouse fighting scene that then the professional stunt fighters who were in the crowd started to have a full on fight within the crowd where I was standing. It was a fantastic experience to be part of this scene. Looking forward to seeing this film at the cinema.

Photo shoot.
Location, London.
I took part in a Grandstand Photo Shoot / Recording at Crystal Palace Football Ground. I had a great day being a crazy football fun within the crowd.

Feature Film, St George's Day.
Location, London.
I took part in a funeral scene in this film, which I had to walk behind the horse and carriage, then I had to mime with the funeral guests showing our sadness and then stand around the burial while a full gospel choir was singing, I then got to shake hands with the main cast of this film to show my condolences. Another fantastic day I had in this industry.

Second day on shoot for feature film St George's Day.
Location, London.
This time I was one of a German football hooligan in a bar having drinks and all cheering in German ready to start fighting with the English fans.

Christmas light switch on.
Location, Wisbech Cambridgeshire.
A local film crew was asking peoples views on the Christmas light switch on and the other attractions. I was lucky enough to be filmed expressing my opinions.
It was great to be in front of the camera again.

Acting as father Christmas.
Location, ASDA Living Store Peterborough.
It was so good to make so many families happy in one weekend.

Feature film, This is Jayde, the one hit wonder.
Location, Wisbech Cambridgeshire.
I was outside cheering for autographs / photo's as the stars entered the studio. I had great fun doing this job.

BBC4, Some Santa's with jokes.
Location, London.
I had a amazing day thanks to the BBC, for letting me be in front of the camera doing my Christmas jokes:)
My name will be on the credits.
Looking forward to seeing this on TV

Pilot episode, The Guardian.
Location Kings Lynn Norfolk.
The scene involves two characters walking and talking in the park.
I was one of the passes by.
I was talking and walking by them, with one of the other background artists.
It was great to hear action ones again.

Feature film, You Can TUTU.
Location London.
I was selected to be one of the featured extras.
I was sitting behind the main cast, we were clapping / cheering / miming at a girl's Ballet performance competition.
In one of the scenes we did, one of the actresses came down where I was sitting to talk to one of the actors in front of me.
I was in action heaven on this great day filming.

Music Video, LOWLA ( WALLS )
Location London.
I had great fun dancing and singing the lyrics to this song walls in the streets of London.
This video is on YouTube now:) you can see me dancing:)

Company commercial.
Location Peterborough.
I did two scenes for this commercial.
Scene one,
I was an investor in a office and had to show my excitement about the deal.
Scene two,
I was working behind a bar making cocktails.
Both scenes were great fun, as I had lots of camera time showing my facial reactions to the scenes.

Short teaser film, Fighting wild.
location Attleborough.
I was involved in a boxing match. I was cheering and shouting for my boxer to win the match.
Great fun filming this boxing match.

Opera Nabucco.
Location Theatre Royal in Norwich.
I was in lots of scenes being a poor villager.
I love the experience of being on the stage to a sold out audience.

Music video unstoppable.
Location my garden.
Me and my daughter's (Paige and Libby )are sing along to the chorus of this video in my garden taking on my camera. This footage is going to be in the official music video for this brilliant charity single. Young minds and kids run free.

On stage at Haven playing party game.
Location Orchard Clacton-on-Sea.
Me and my daughter won mouthpiece speak out game. I had to say the lyrics and my daughter had to guess them. We got 10 out of 10:)

Homemade video
Martin Hazell reviews Glamma Kid-weight Lift ft Ed sheeran. I was asked to review this Song by the record label / PR. They put my review on YouTube. It's on my videos on StarNow.

Feature film, The Souvenir part 2
Location Kings Lynn
University graduation scene set in 1986
The leading lady was showing us her finished film on the big screen in the cinema. I was cheering and clapping for her.

Feature film 83
Location London
Press conference scene. I was a member of the press shouting out questions to the cricket captain.

Second day filming on feature film 83
Location London
This time I was a member of the cricket club. We had to clap the players as they was walking past the club members room to the cricket field at Lords.

No work this year because of the pandemic :(

Series 2 BFF
Location London
Had a absolute brilliant day walking past the main cast. I was walking outside the office building pretending to be on my phone when I was walking past.I was also walking in and out of the turnstile doors while they was filming outside the door.I was also doing lots of walking around the reception floor.


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