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This is just a sample of my voice to give you an idea of how I sound


Physical Attributes

193 cm / 6ft 4in
95 kg / 209 lbs
White / Caucasian
104 cm / 41 in
Skin color:
91 cm / 36 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Empty Promotions : Musical Theatre
  • Adam Richards Stunts : Stage Combat
  • De Montfort University : BA (Hons) Performing Arts
  • Guthlaxton College : Drama/Dance/Singing


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern

1. 21st Century Nights In- Guy, Hunt for Brett (2017)
2. Doctor Who: Fan Series- The Doctor, CSE(2015)
3. Doctor Who: Born Again (Fan Made)- The Doctor, Eternity Media(2015)
4.S pirits- Oscar the Vampire (Pilot), Film Knekt(2013)
5.The Whole Sibaz- Mr Stroddle, II Films(2013)
6.The Lost Rose Trilogy- Daniel/Pirate Dan, X-Treme Productions(2013)
7.The Theatre Conspiracy, CSE- Professor Bennington(2012)
8. The Staff Lounge- Kevin, II Films(2012)
9.Doctor Who: The Hunt (fan film)- The Doctor, II Films(2012)
10. SicZ GirlZ- Victim, Evoluzive Productions(2012)
11.Vagrant- David, Films(2012)
12.The Missing Hudchster Ruby- Professor Bennington, CSE (2011)
13.Amaryllis- Peter, Proof Studio (2011)
14. Save a Life, Stay Awake Commercial- Man in Bath, Proof Studio(2011)
15.Father to Fall- Shopkeeper, A Clare Speller Film(2011)
16.The Doldrums- Terry, Cinemateus(Student Film)(2010)
17.Blood Army- Eros Soldier, Argy Films(2010)
18.Destiny- The Man- Irrelevant Pictures(Student Film)(2010)

1. The Unexpected Guest-Inspector Thomas. Leicester Drama Society. (Little Theatre, Leicester(2019)
2. Romeo and Juliet-Prince Escalus. (CSE) Leicester(2018)
3.And Then There Were None-Captain Philip Lombard. CSE, Leicester(2017)
4.Agent Zero: Alec Fisher-Lee Jones. CSE, Leicester(2016)
5. The Tempest-Antonio. CSE, Leicester (2016)
6.Reservations- Own. CSE, Leicester (2015)
7.Christmas Carol- Fezziwig. CSE, Leicester (2014)
8.Snowfall- Guard 1. CSE, Leicester(2014)
9.This Sentence is False- Oli. Leicester Arts Festival 2014, Leicester(2014)
10.Approaching Retirement-Richard. CSE, Leicester(2013)
11.Ushers- Lee. CSE, Leicester(2013)
12.Solar Flare- Lee Jones (Cameo). CSE, Leicester(2012)
13.Pint and a Half- Dave, CSE(2012)
14.Deception of Shadows- Lee Jones. CSE, Leicester(2011)
15.The Italian Brothers- Marcello Milani. CSE, Leicester(2011)
16.CSE Murder Mystery Dinner- Michael Cambell. CSE, Leicester(2011)
17.253- Richard. Melton Mowbray Theatre, Leicestershire (2008)
18.Love Of The Nightingale- Tereus. Melton Mowbray Theatre, Leicestershire (2008)
19.The Doors Between (With Retina Dance Company)- Dancer. Melton Mowbray Theatre, Leicestershire(2008)
20.Blood Money- Big Issue Seller/Pimp. Melton Mowbray Theatre, Leicestershire(2008)
21.Hole In One- Mrs Aslasksen/Stand Up Comedian/Chorus. Melton Mowbray Theatre, Leicestershire(2007)
22.Cleansed- Tinker. Melton Mowbray Theatre, Leicestershire(2007)
23.Loves Labours Lost- King Ferdinand. Melton Mowbray Theatre, Leicestershire(2006)
24.The Four Seasons of Life- Narrator of Spring. Melton Mowbray Theatre, Leicestershire(2006)
25.4:48 Psychosis- Mental Patient/Doctor. Melton Mowbray Theatre, Leicestershire(2006)
26.Importance of Being Earnest- Algernon. Melton Mowbray Theatre, Leicestershire(2006)
27.Hamlet Machine- Hamlet. Melton Mowbray Theatre, Leicestershire (2006)
28.Two- Moth. Guthlaxton College Theatre, Leicester(2005)
29.Death Of A Salesman- Willy Loman. Guthlaxton College Theatre, Leicester(2004)
30.Metamorphosis- Gregor. Guthlaxton College Theatre, Leicester(2004)
31.Confusions (Talk In The Park)- Charles. Guthlaxton College Theatre, Leicester(2003)

1. Doctor Who: The Approaching Fate- The Doctor, Eternity Media(2014)
2.Bones- Adam. Cornucopia Radio Show, Sheffield(2010)
3.The Interview- James Long. Cornucopia Radio Show, Sheffield(2010)


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

1. pgdphotographystudios- Doctor Who cosplay (2019)
2.Abbie Leah Photography- Cosplay as the Master from Doctor Who (2013)
3.Glyn Farman Photography- Cosplay as Michael Myers Halloween (2012)
4.Y2Grae Photography- Cosplay as Grumpy, the Joker's Henchman from the film The Dark Knight (September 2012)
5.Rebecca Manuel-Photography- Cosplay as the Master from Doctor Who. (September 2011)
6.Rebecca Manuel-Photography- Cosplay as Grumpy, the Joker's Henchman from the film The Dark Knight (July 2011)


Guitar ability


Drumming ability


Keyboard ability


Vocal range


Singing styles
  • Rock

Favourite genres
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Metal

Member of Leicester Amateur Operatic Society (LAOS), Knighton Park Amatuer Operatic Society(KPAOS) and Wigston Amateur Operatic Society (WAOS) (2007- Present)

1. Wedding Singer- David/Bum/Shane/Chorus. Little Theatre Leicester (2020)
2. Spamalot- Black Knight, French Taunter, Chorus. Little Theatre Leicester (2018)
3. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels- Chorus. Little Theatre Leicester (2017)
4.Summer Holiday-Chorus. Little Theatre Leicester (2016)
5.Oh What A Lovely War- British General. Little Theatre, Leicester (2014)
6.Jesus Christ Superstar- Chorus. The Curve Theatre, Leicester (2014)
7.Annie- Lt. Ward/Chorus. Little Theatre, Leicester(2013)
8.The Wedding Singer- David/Chorus. The Curve Theatre, Leicester(2013)
9.Guys and Dolls- Big Jule. Little Theatre, Leicester(2012)
10.Summer Holiday- Wrighmore/Chorus.The Curve Theatre, Leicester(2011)
11.Fiddler on the Roof- Chorus. The Little Theatre, Leicester(2010)
12.Beauty and the Beast- Chorus. The Curve Theatre, Leicester(2010)
13.The Full Monty- Gary Bonasorte/Chorus. The Curve Theatre, Leicester(2009)
14.Oliver- Bill Sykes. The Little Theatre, Leicester(2007)
15.West Side Story- Moose. The Little Theatre, Leicester(2007)
16.Little Shop Of Horrors- Voice of Audery II/Wino/Wink Wilkinson. Guthlaxton College Theatre, Leicester(2005)
17.Me And My Girl- Sir Jasper Tring. Guthlaxton College Theatre, Leicester(2005)
18.Blood Brothers- Catalogue Man/Judge/Chorus. Guthlaxton College Theatre, Leicester(2004)
19.West Side Story- Diesel. Guthlaxton College Theatre, Leicester(2004)
20.Les Miserables- Chorus. Guthlaxton College Theatre, Leicester(2003)

1.Saturday Night at the Movies- Choir, Upper Browning Street Theatre, Leicester (2012)
2.A Walk Down the West End- Choir, Upper Browning Street Theatre, Leicester(2012)
3.Time After Time Charity Cabaret- Singer/Dancer. Guthlaxton College Theatre, Leicester (2004)
4.Carmina Burana- Choir. De Montfort Hall, Leicester(2004)

Film & Stage Crew

Camera Crew ability


Production & Management ability


Board Member/Creative Writer/Producer of Cross Street Entertainment (CSE)(2011-Present)
Vice Chairman and Head Writer for Leicester City Wrestling (LCW) (2013-2016)
Member of Knighton Park Amateur Operatic Society (KPOAS) (2007- Present)
Contribution Writer for Eternity Media (2011-2015)
Member of Leicester Amateur Operatic Society (LAOS) (2007- 2014)
Head of Film Documentation/Performer for Theater Vouten (2005-2008)
1.And Then There Were None-Director. CSE (2017)
2.Snowfall- Assistant Director. CSE (2014)
3.High School Musical Promotional Video- Director. Pure Imagination (2013)
4.Miss Marked- 1st Assistant Director. Gary Hunt Films (2013)
5.The Lost Rose Trilogy- Assistant Director/Director of Photography. X-Treme Productions (2013)
6.Professor Bennington and the Theatre Conspiracy- Writer (2012)
7.The Interview- Writer. Cornucopia Radio Show, Sheffield (2010) ttp://
8.Biscuits for Tea- Writer Cornucopia Radio Show, Sheffield (2010)
9.The Doors Between (With Retina Dance Company)- Head of the Film Documentation. Melton Mowbray Theatre, Leicestershire (2008)
10.253- Writer/Director/. Melton Mowbray Theatre, Leicestershire (2008)
11.Babies- Stage Manager. Guthlaxton College Theatre, Leicester (2005)
12.Ernie'sIncredible Illucinations- Assistant Stage Manager. Guthlaxton College, Leicester (2004)

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