Max James

Guitarist, Bass Guitarist, Drummer, Composer, Pianist,… more

Hull, United Kingdom
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  • Unwired Society - 'Wall Of Noise' 'Blackout' : Joined the band in 2020, wrote the drum parts, recorded the drums and helped the burst of local support. Played and interviewed by may radio stations and blogs
  • Abominable Filth - 'The Dead' : An EP by local death metal band, which I Co Wrote and produced. Lead him to sell tapes worldwide and gain traction from Killdozer records, racking up lots of attention in the scene
  • Alfonso Conspiracy - 'Fetish' and 'Creepy Crawlies' : Two tracks being also fully complete by me, but receiving critically acclaimed reviews from From The Depths Entertainment, Invicta Media, Soundshpere Magazine and many fans and business WORLDWIDE
  • Alfonso Conspiracy - 'I Don't Know If I Believe...' : Debut solo album being written, recorded, produced and released all by me. Receiving lots of local traction and up to 4.000 streams
  • East Riding college - Music performance and production : Year 1 finished with multiple college bands receiving praise and fantastic grades, and although being locked down, still receiving a meret in the full course. Year 2 nearly over, with predicted distinction


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