Mia Gallagher

Mia Gallagher

London, United Kingdom


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Recommended for Casting Sep 9, 2018

Great profile. Very professional ??

Recommended for Acting May 8, 2018

highly recommend. good luck in the future

Recommended for Acting Feb 10, 2018

Mia was an amazing model she followed direction well , She was a a pleasure to work with, very grown up in her attitude . had lots of patience , highly recommend would definitely book her again for another shoot..

Recommended for Acting Oct 14, 2017

Beautiful, Cute, Amazing and Great Personality with Versatile Talent! Mia is a great asset to any production. I highly recommend!

Recommended for Acting Oct 10, 2017

Great profile - I hope it's all going well for you. You are obviously going places. Best of luck from down under! :) x

Recommended for Casting Aug 31, 2017

Lovely work on your profile, Mia! All the best with your career! Very best wishes, David Shoukry.

Recommended for Acting Aug 27, 2017

Nice profile.. And. GO HOMESCHOOLERS :)

Recommended for Acting Jul 20, 2017

I like her ! She's a nice and pretty girl !

Recommended for Acting Jul 15, 2017

Wonderful work from Mia :)

Recommended for Acting Jul 5, 2017

A delightful, enthusiastic actor, with a fresh look!

Recommended for Modelling Jul 3, 2017

Great work !

Recommended for Acting Jun 27, 2017

Your profile looks great and that you have a natural talent that shows in your work. May you continue enjoying what you do and that you are rewarded with much happiness and success.

Recommended for Acting Jun 20, 2017

Chase those dreams girl

Recommended for Acting Jun 14, 2017

Keep it up love xx. Thanks for your recommendation xx

Recommended for Acting May 31, 2017

Thank you for the recommendation Mia and Good luck to you x

Recommended for Acting May 31, 2017

Wishing you all the best of luck in the future.

Recommended for Casting May 27, 2017

Has the looks

Recommended for Hair, Makeup & Styling May 1, 2017

Clearly a professional in the making!

Recommended for Acting Apr 30, 2017

By looking through your profile, I can see that you are an extremely multi-talented individual. All the best with your career for the future. Your parents must be proud of your achievements so far. Keep up the great work! I highly recommend Mia!

Recommended for Acting Apr 29, 2017