Michael Kern

Michael Kern

Wisconsin, United States


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Michael, was great to work with. He knew exactly what he wanted, good with any direction given. Very professional in communication and patient with receiving footage. A joy to collaborate with and highly recommended.

Recommended for Casting May 30, 2021

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Michael is a great casting director and director. Professional, supportive, easy to work with, adorable and open. It's a pleasure to work with him.

Recommended for Casting Director Apr 26, 2021

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Michael was great to work with! He responded to emails promptly, and was open to my questions and ideas for the character. This was a remote role, which of course presents its own set of problems, and Michael was always positive and helpful. I had a great time.

Recommended for Writing or Directing Mar 7, 2021

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Michael has been wonderful to work with! Clear on his ideas, but with flexibility to allow the actor to add their own touches. Polite, helpful and a real pleasure to work with. Thank you Michael! x

Recommended for Casting Director Feb 26, 2021

Michael is nothing short of amazing. Without his constant support and advice, I couldn't have made a good work. You’re a super talented producer, and have such great taste. You can convert something simple in awesome. You’ve always reply quick and clear to my doubts. It's a pleasure to work with Michael.

Recommended for Casting Oct 19, 2020

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Professional, kind and easy to work with him.

Recommended for Production Management Sep 10, 2020

I have worked for Michael numerous times as an actor on his music videos and other related online content. Always a pleasure, always clear on what is needed, and always very gracious to his cast. Great guy with some very interesting ideas that I hope to continue working with!

Recommended for Casting Jul 7, 2020

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Michael is a great communicator, very professional and amazing to work with. Looking forward to working on other projects in the future.

Recommended for Casting Director Jun 30, 2020

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Michael kept me well informed and posted about the job I was assigned. perfectly clarifying and explaining what he desired from my performance. I highly recommend Seeking to work with Michael anytime a job comes up!

Recommended for Casting Director Jun 22, 2020

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It was great to work for/with Michael and I would work for/with him always again. He answers really quick any questions . I highly recommend him.

Recommended for Casting May 5, 2019

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I enjoyed working on this project it was fun and challenging and Michael was both professional and very creative

Recommended for Casting Mar 27, 2019

Michael was great and easy to work with. Gave great directions on what he required and it would be great work with him again. Recommend highly!

Recommended for Casting Mar 21, 2019

Mike was so easy to chat with and gave clear directions of what he wanted. Absolute pleasure to help out with his music video x

Recommended for Casting Jan 23, 2019

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Micheal was lovely to work with and had fantastic ideas and communication. Highly recommend!

Recommended for Casting Dec 12, 2018

Michael is a clear and concise communicator, detailing the aspects of what he needs. He is very easy to chat with and super quick at answering questions and queries. I highly recommend him as a Casting Professional.

Recommended for Casting Aug 11, 2018

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I have worked for Michael and his band "Ghost in the Machine" a few times now as an actor in his music videos. It has always been a very positive experience and I thoroughly enjoy doing so. Michael gives enough direction to make it clear, but allows a degree of free reign to allow individuals to express themselves in their own way too. Great guy and very encouraging.

Recommended for Casting Jul 21, 2018

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Super easy to work for Michael, clear and concise direction and excellent feedback. Good luck with GITM's new releases mate!

Recommended for Producing Jul 9, 2018

Absolutely amazing person to work with. Outstanding experience!

Recommended for Casting Feb 26, 2018

Great band looking forward to seeing their awesome project.

Recommended for Casting Feb 5, 2018

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Great professional and glad to be able to work with him and hope to be working with you again

Recommended for Casting Jan 29, 2018

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