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London, United Kingdom


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Michael is a fantastic actor and extra, clearly very experienced, takes direction well and makes a Director, AD & his peers jobs far easier. I have been lucky enough to work with Mike on a couple of projects this year alone and it's always a pleasure on and off set

Recommended for Acting Sep 20, 2019

Michael recently took part in my short film. He played a footballer, and was asked to film continuously in the sun which he did without complaint. He brought energy and enthusiasm to the role, and worked tirelessly. He took direction well; great professional and look forward to working with him again.

Recommended for Extras May 26, 2019

Michael is a very professional actor, great talent. He has a wonderful and kind personality that makes you feel instantly at ease. 100% recommended.

Recommended for Extras May 20, 2019

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Michael is a total professional he is a joy to work with he always gives 100% commitment dedication and enthusiasm to all of his projects.

Recommended for Acting May 19, 2019

Michael is a hard working, dedicated man with a wonderful personality. He possesses a diversity of talents. & excels at everything he aims to do.

Recommended for Acting Mar 11, 2019

Michael is one of the most genuine guys you could hope to meet on a personal level, when it comes to his acting he is extremely talented, driven and focused. On the two projects we have both worked on, Michael has been incredibly supportive and made the process very enjoyable. Aside from this Michael is a true inspiration, I was very fortunate to have a real life conversation with him which I always reflect on and will always value.

Recommended for Acting Dec 18, 2018

Very professional, excellent talent to work with.

Recommended for Acting Nov 21, 2018

Charming, versatile, took direction incredibly well, professional and lovely to work with.

Recommended for Modelling Sep 28, 2018

Happy to recommend Michael for any future shoots. He was reliable and really great to work with.

Recommended for Extras Aug 12, 2018

It was a pleasure working with Michael. He is very professional and easy going. I enjoyed very much the shooting we did last week. I highly recommend him and would be happy to work with him again.

Recommended for Modelling May 30, 2018

plenty to offer,Michael hi why not do a self tape ? all the best Daniel

Recommended for Acting Mar 23, 2018

I had the pleasure of working with Michael and was impressed with his acting and professional skills, he was a joy to work with and hope I have the opportunity to work with him again.

Recommended for Acting Jan 28, 2018

Awesome profile.. showing great character.. enthusiasm flows throughout...flawless energy..recommend to any casting professional....

Recommended for Acting Jan 28, 2018

Great commitment to his continued growth in the arts, look forward to seeing big things of Michael. Best of luck with your aspirations!

Recommended for Acting Dec 3, 2017

Very friendly and professional, highly recommended.

Recommended for Acting Nov 3, 2017

Stunning profile.! We do the best job in the world, It's hard but we keep that far dream close to our heart. I wish you all the best with your artistic career. David Galea

Recommended for Acting Nov 2, 2017

Michael is a lovely man who is keen to be an asset to any creative project. He'll work hard and he always gives his very best. Highly recommend.

Recommended for Acting Oct 13, 2017

Good Luck for the future. All the Very Best..

Recommended for Acting Sep 25, 2017

Recommended for Aug 10, 2019

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Recommended for Acting Apr 1, 2018