Mike Shawcross

Influencer, Photographer, Lighting Crew Member, Runner / Assistant, Camera Operator,… more

Manchester, United Kingdom
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Credits & experience

  • A Story of Trouble and Love (Music Video) : Stills Photographer
  • Tom Came Home (Short film) : Stills Photographer
  • Untitled Short Film by Andy Stewart : Stills Photographer
  • She lay at his feet (short film) : Stills Photographer
  • The Night Whispered (short film) : Stills Photographer
  • Retribution : Stills Photographer
  • WIH massive Blood Drive segment (Sanguinis Domini) : Stills Photographer
  • Rats (short film) : Stills Photographer
  • Mindless (short film) : Stills Photographer
  • Remnant : Stills Photographer
  • Dead Bitch! : Stills Photographer
  • The Package (short film) : Stills Photographer
  • Nothing Gets Simpler (Music Video) : Stills Photographer
  • Solitary (short film) : Stills Photographer

Film & Stage Crew

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Photography experience

Part-time professional (paid work)

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I have worked on over 10 short film productions over the last year, plus a music video. A selection of photographs from the shoots have been used for the promotional posters, some of these impromptu and some where staged, though many of the stills have been used for the press pack and to promote the films. I have also worked in the commercial sector providing a set of photographs for a companies web site. I've done a number of headshot pictures as well as a portfolio shoot for an upcoming actress. I've also shot a wedding with another wedding booked in Australia!

Stills photography is my main photography career, but am open to other photoshoots and opportunities as a photographer.
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