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Dublin Region, Ireland
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British VO GB-MMT warm

English Accent (warm voice)

Physical Details

182 cm / 6ft 0in
93 cm / 37 in
90 kg / 198 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
106 cm / 42 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • "A Living Word" : Presenter/Writer (Pilgrimage Meditation, dir: Aidan Mathews. RTE Radio 1)
  • "The Celtic Camino" : Presenter/Narrator (documentary, dir: David Owen. Camino Society of Ireland)
  • "Don't Wanna Doubt You" : Gym Boss (music video for Shookrah; dir: Jeff Doyle. Crooked Gentlemen Production)
  • "Where's The Fuss" : Granfather (short, dir: Ciaran Cullen. NoWiFi Productions)
  • "In Training" : Radio Announcer (short; dir: Lachlan Kelly. Griffith College)
  • "A Trick of the Light" : Gallery Dancer (music video for Villagers; dir: Bob Gallagher. Invisible Thread Films)
  • "Something Wicked" : Director (short; dir: Karl Doyle. I.T. Tallaght)
  • "Heartstrings" : Vincenzo Cavalli (short; dir: Analisa Marquez. Pulse College)
  • "Everything Changes" : Gang Member (music video; dir: Bob Gallagher. Invisible Thread Films)
  • "Full Circle" : Man 1 (short; dir: Joseph Morris. NoWiFi Productions)
  • "Wait Now" : Mack (Theatre; dir: Gerard Dalton. Umbrella Theatre Company)
  • "Power" : Butler (Music Video; dir: Jeff Doyle. Crooked Gentlemen Productions)
  • "Don't Leave Home" : Well Dressed Man (Film; dir: Michael Tully. Diorama Productions)
  • "Game of Thrones" Season 7 : Citadel Meister (TV; dir: Various. HBO)
  • "Medium Rare" : Old Man (short; dir: Aisling Lambert, Colaiste Dhulaigh)
  • "Augenblick" : Jean Jacques Rousseau (short; dir: Vivienne Dick. Jelly Fish Productions/Zanzibar Films co-production)
  • "Where is Duke Beaumont" : Samuel Bone (short; dir: Richard Deering. Institute of Technology, Carlow)
  • "Legacy: From Patrick to Pearce" : John Bull & Michael Dwyer (plays; dir: Gerard Dalton. Umbrella Theatre Company for National Gallery of Ireland)
  • "The Social Experiment" : Dr Jobe Bridge (1 minute film; dir: Milo Denison. Dublin Filmakers)
  • "Auxilliary Partners" : Brendan Allen (short; dir: Matty Condren & Joe McGlue. Colaiste Dhulaigh)
  • "Still Life" : Duke (short; dir: Flann Manning. IATD Dun Laoghaire)
  • "Give You Mine" : Old Man (music video; dir: Hassanul A. Nasution)
  • "Broken Treehouse" : Interviewer (short; dir: Robert Boland. Ballyfermot CFE)
  • "Hazel Lavery" : J.H.Thomas (documentary; dir: Caroline Brennan. Giant Apple Productions)
  • "I was #blockedbysteve" : Pierre (short film; dir: Dave O'Connor. YouTube)
  • "An Evening with Shakespeare" : Various Roles (theatre; dir: Alan Grant. Dark Horse Theatre Co.)
  • "Rough Draft" : Howard (short film; dir: Daphné Lafon. Pulse College)
  • "The Druid" : Druid's Father (short film; dir: Domicjan Rozz. Snugboro Films)
  • "Boomerang" : Jack (short film; dir: D. Doran. Parlour 62 Productions)
  • "Performing Shakespeare" : Judge for the ESU's Annual Performing Shakespeare competition
  • Royal Coll. of Gen. Practitioners : Prostate Patient (teaching video; dir: Mark Watson. Not Just A Pawn Productions)
  • "Glory Days" : Tommy (short film; Bray Institute of Further Education)
  • "Confessions" : Father Conklin (short film; Dir: Milo Denison)
  • "Last Rites" : Grandad (short film: Dir: Matty Condren)
  • "Mars One" : Mike (short film; Dir: Ben Woods)
  • "Eric"" : Father Cleary (short film; Dir: Kevin Eades)
  • "Adytum" : Peadar (short film; Dir: Donal O'Connor)
  • Full Time Training: Attended Momentum Acting Studios (Meisner Technique)
  • Momentum Acting Studios : Meisner Technique: Introductory Course
  • "Game of Thrones" (HBO) : Meereen Slave Master
  • "Ripper Street" (BBC) : Prime Minister Gladstone
  • "Ripper Street" (BBC) : Court Bailiff
  • Best Actor, Bray One Act Drama Festival : "Present Slaughter" by Michael Green
  • "A Youth Well Spent" One Man Show : Edinburgh Fringe; Hill Street Theatre
  • "A Youth Well Spent" One Man Show : Windsor Fringe Festival
  • A Youth Well Spent (one man show) : Dublin Fringe Festival; Bewley's Theatre


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • Italian

2012 "Ripper Street": Clerk of the Court, Season 1 Episode 2 (BBC)

2013 "Ripper Street": Gladstone,Season 2 Episode 4 (BBC)

2014 Full Time Training Momentum Acting Studios (Meisner Technique)

2015 "Adytum": Peadar (short; dir: Donal O'Connor)
2015 "Eric": Father Cleary (short; dir: Kevin Eades)
2015 "Mars One" Mike (short; dir: Ben Woods)
2015 "Last Rites" Grandad (short; dir: Matty Condren & Joe McGlue)
2015 "Confessions" Fr Conklin (short; dir: Milo Denison)
2015 "Glory Days" Tommy (short; Bray Institute of Further Education)
2015 Prostate Patient Training video for Royal College of GPs in Ireland (dir: Mark Watson, Not Just A Pawn Productions)

2016 "Boomerang" Jack (short; dir: D.Doran, Independent)
2016 "The Druid" Father of the Druid (feature; dir: Domicjan Rozz, Snugboro Films)
2016 "Rough Draft" Howard (short; dir: Daphne Lafon, Pulse College)
2016 "I was #blockedbysteve" Pierre (short; dir: Dave O'Connor, You Tube)
2016 "Hazel Lavery" V/O: voiced J.H. Thomas, Colonial Secretary to PM Ramsay McDonald (dir: Caroline Brennan)
2016 "Performing Shakespeare" Judge for English Speaking Union's annual "Performing Shakespeare" competition in UK (ongoing)
2016 "An Evening with Shakespeare" Various Roles (dir: Alan Grant, Dark Horse Theatre Company: ongoing tour)
2016 "Broken Treehouse" Interviewer (short; dir: Robert Boland, Ballyfermot CFE)
2016 "Auxilliary Partners" Brendan Allen (short; dir: Matty Condren & Joe McGlue)
2016 "The Social Experiment" Dr Jobe Bridge (dir: Milo Denison: for One Minute Film competition @ Galway Film Fleadh)
2016 "Still Life" Duke (dir: Flann Manning, IATD Dun Laoghaire)
2016 "Give You Mine" Old Man (dir: Hassanul A. Nasution; music video for Grainne Cotter song)


  • English
  • Italian

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