Mladen Petrov

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London, United Kingdom


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Highly recommend working with Mladen. He is a talented and intuitive actor and a pleasure to work with..

Recommended for Acting Nov 25, 2021

I booked Mladen for a small portraiture group shoot. Communication was great prior to the event, and he arrived on time and well prepared. Mladen was excellent. He has a great look and comes with bags of positive energy and confidence which really helped everyone capture some great images. Malden made the event very enjoyable for everyone attending and I certainly hope to work with him again. Highly recommended

Recommended for Modelling Oct 23, 2021

Very good to talk to and really amazing audition tape.

Recommended for Acting Oct 14, 2021

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Mladen is extremely professional, very comfortable to work with and is a very good actor. Although we had no script and we had to work spontaneously, he was absolutely at ease. I have had an excellent experience working with him and I highly recommended him.

Recommended for Acting Aug 30, 2021

Professional and always polite.

Recommended for Acting Aug 18, 2021

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Mladen was an amazing actor to work with and so patient with me being new to the industry. A true professional and I’d love the opportunity to work with him again.

Recommended for Acting Aug 14, 2021

Professional, reliable and great worker

Recommended for Acting Aug 9, 2021

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Very professional, great communication, REALLY fun and easy to work with. All round great guy.

Recommended for Modelling Jun 17, 2021

Professional, easy to work with and got along well with cast and crew. Hope to work with Mladen again.

Recommended for Extras May 8, 2021

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It was a pleasure to work with Mladen. Not only is professional and on point with his manners but friendly and very easy to work with. Someone who clearly has talent and great goals and vision. No doubt he will achieve them. Highly recommend him.

Recommended for Modelling Feb 25, 2021

Mladen did one day of filming on my short film ‘Time is of the Essence’. Mladen was a pleasure to work with. Although his scene was short, his commitment and thought into the character was perfect. He workshopped the scene with fellow actors professionally to work out the best way to perform the scene. He’s easy going and took direction brilliantly. I can’t fault Mladen’s communication, he’s extremely responsive and very honest. I would happily work with Mladen again should the chance allow.

Recommended for Acting Nov 16, 2020

Mladen showed utmost professionalism during our collaboration. He has a very creative mind and definitely left an impression upon first meeting. Although an early career performer, he possesses great potential in his creativity and is able to make a character feel alive. Well done Mladen! =)

Recommended for Acting Nov 5, 2020

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Very professional and easy to work with! Mladen done a great job and I would highly recommend him.

Recommended for Modelling Nov 3, 2020

I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mladen during the Damon Runyon project. He is very professional, kind and easy to work with on-set. He was very generous in accommodating our on-set schedule and was very encouraging towards everyone. As an actor he has got a screen presence and he is very focused and motivated and I would love to work with him again in near future.

Recommended for Extras Oct 24, 2020

Mladen was a joy to work with. He's attentive, professional and took direction very well. Highly recommended!

Recommended for Extras Aug 4, 2020

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Mladen modelled for my portrait project and was very professional to work with, he was on time and well organised. He also has a very friendly relaxed personality and takes well to directions, I am extremely happy with the photos I took of him. He radiates positivity and I would be happy to work with him again.

Recommended for Modelling Jul 15, 2020

Mladen took direction well, and showed a great range of attitude and emotion in our headshot shoot

Recommended for Modelling Jul 9, 2020

We were delighted to cast Mladen in MC Beastly's latest Music Video, as part of our exciting Smalltown Dreamers project. Mladen is timely and prepared to work. He dives enthusiastically into the project, and is a lot of fun to work with, especially if you want an actor you can bounce ideas with. I hope we can work together again! Colourfully, Cerulean

Recommended for Acting Jun 23, 2020