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Twickenham, United Kingdom
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My family, bubble or household

We are available for this project My husband Ian and I. X

Wedding attire
In garden
The 2 of us. Xx
In nana garden
On set
On holiday
With our grandson
This is 3 of us. We do have a 4th.
So happy.
Black tie
Nan/grandad and Shane.
So cosy.

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Physical Attributes

152 cm / 5ft 0in
80 kg / 176 lbs
White / Caucasian
96 cm / 38 in
Skin color:
93 cm / 37 in
98 cm / 39 in
Dress size:
UK 16 / AUS 16 / US 12
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • British airways. Commercial : Featured customer
  • Goochi stills and videos. : Model job. Photographic stills & vids.
  • Jackpot joy : Excited featured lady
  • RBS, bank. Scotland shoot, : Feature. old lady in wheelchair
  • Feature film , : Small roll with dialogue
  • TJ MAX. Xmas. COMMERCIAL for USA. : Featured. With little girl.
  • Bingo add ( jackpot joy. ) : Commercial. feature.
  • Care home. Adds. : Featured role of half of a resident couple. 2 day shoot in Oxfordshire ,,,
  • Cricket World Cup. Campaign : Queen. Main Featured role. Shoot in Romania.
  • Ukrain shoot.French TV Commercial/ & internet : Renault Spirit, TVC& On Line. A Lead Feature
  • Citylit : Song lyrics writing course
  • Etisalat Romania Shoot. Game. Commercial for Dubi. : A lead Feature, Playing a video game. And driving a rally car in the game.
  • Lotto, Moddeling, : Featured model. Lots stills.posters. Shops bus stops Etc.
  • Ongoing, Mitchell’s and Butler corporate app. : Featured app. I’m Mable.
  • BBC3. Short sketch : Featured,
  • Old time music hall show : Singing and dancing. Some solo.
  • Citylit : Radio presenting course.
  • Radio presenting course. : City Lit London
  • City Lit Coll : Screen Writing Course,
  • TTA Productions : Advanced Auto Tech's, Loc/Rep/Pres.
  • City Lit, Coll' : Short Course on Shakespere
  • Personal Trainer. : Acting for TV. (short course)
  • Personal Trainer. : Acting for TV/ Big Screen.(short course ) )
  • City Lit, Coll' : Acting for the camera for Films.
  • City Lit, Coll' : Acting for TV.
  • The London Centre for Theatre Studies. : Drama/Improvisation/
  • The Music Centre, Coll'. : Drama and direction.
  • The Music Centre, Coll' : Singing for beginners.
  • Richmond Coll', : Drama.
  • London Centre for Theatrical Studies. : Drama and Improvisation
  • The Dolphin Drama School : Drama.


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Brown and Mills.

  • English

  • UK English

Union memberships
  • Equity

I belong to SPOTLIGHT VIEW PIN NO,141989733710, I thrive on both comedy and dramatic roles.Of which I have played many,including Catherine Howard)in The Six Wives Of Henry the Eighth, I can turn on the tears laughter and Anger on cue,I have a persona that people love and are attracted by, I am good at presenting, have done lots of it and love it. My acting age is from about 55yrs to very old with the assistance of good makeup artist. I have been working on the following.


JML. Testimonial.
Disney DX Channel 9. Idents.
Speaking to Camera. ( cancer charity film ).
Heartbreak Hotel, Short Film, ( lead role} Nominated for three awards in the, Las Vegas Cine festival,
Won // Runner up best short Film.
The Double. Feature film. Walk on. Was on set for 2 weeks.
Voting Campaign Add, Speaking Feature Roll
My Band, Voice/ over
Film. Stairs/ Comedy, Drama, Lead Act/role.
Side Effect/ Acting role.
Jack Says F / Film. Walk on role
Tea Leafs/ Act/role
IBM, Corp/ Act/
Wild Target/ F / Film Artist
1930's woman/ featured role,

Shreddies. Nana June. On the road for internet Films.
TV. / etc.
Stills for ITV. Idents.
Acting/role play at NEC Birmingham for 4 days. . NHS. Health care Finals.
BMW. Car. promo. Had to drive a car and comment on it on Camera.
Age. UK. Add. Featured. TV. Cinema. All advertising.
Nisa.Supermarket. Comm, Featured.
Clipper. Tea. Comm. featured
Sun holidays. Comm Featured roll
Sky B. comm. ident for new channel Driving a Monkey Motor BikeFeature.
Specsavers On Line Very Featured (Zumba Dancer and Bingo Player, )
Money Supermarket .Com (Featured)
On Line Software Company Launch, Featured Comedy Sketch.
EE. Commercial. (Feature)
BurgerKing Commercial. Walk On.
Specsavers. Commercial. ( Feature )
Commercial// JML, Shark Liftaway Steamer, Speaking Feature, Several testimonials.
Hotel GB, Help Mary Portas Menter to the team, and stand in for Kim,
Feture Role, greeting cards commercial,
Odd One In, Live Aud, (comedy scripted and impro Role) ITV, 1 and 2
Paul Ogrady Live, Feature role. (Comedy Dancing, aand singing ) ITV, 1 and 2.
McDonalds Feature Role.
Vodaphone Commercial, (Walk on)
Eastenders (acting role) BBC.
Principle Feature Speaking role, ( Commercial. ( Granny)
Feature role, (Milky Bar Kid) Test commercial. (Granny )
Principle Feature,Cuprinol Commercial (Second Year)
(dancing Gardener )
Marmite Commercial,Featured role. (Dinner Lady )
John Smith commercial.
Feature role for India week, Ident. ( Bingo Winner )
TV, Pilot for comedy series,MTV,(Bloke cast) Principle Acting Lead role, Mother (Beryl).
Voda/Phone Commercial, Featured role, for TV, program, (The Secret Millionaire)
Nike. Commercial, S/A.
Life Channel, (Principle Acting roles) in four sketches, for the NHS,
Ikea, Commercial, Featured Role. (Granma )
Warner Music, Boxing sketch,( FeaturedComedy role.)
Virgin Commercial, Walk on,
TV, Commercial, Trident, Featured role
BBC1/ CBBC, Children's Show/Bears Behaving Badly, Act/ Art Critic.
BBC, Holby City, Patient.
BBC, Holby City. Patient,
PotNoodle/comm/ Featured/role
Chanel Bee/ Comedy,/ Act role
CCTV, camera trials,Part 1,/
home office, Improv/Acting out different situations.
BBC, Ident/ Doc's.
Nokia Comm / S/Artist role.
Video Jug Viral/( FeaturedComm Role) Acting
Euro Star, Comm/S/Artist,
,(Grot buster) Act/role (Comedy)
BBC, Holby City. S/Artist
CCTV, Camera Trials, Part 2.Impro.
CCTV, Camera Trials, Part 3.Impro.
Hallmark Cards/Com, Feature Act role
Holby City, BBC1 Visitor.
ITV4, Phone Jackers/ Bingo Player


Lots of Marketing work.
The Wanted (We Own The Night ) A Main Feature
Ellie Ingrams ( Music Video) Feature.
Olly Murs (Music Video ). Dancing with .
JML. Presenting.
City Radio, presenting, the weather,
Member (Hamp


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Acting-- Comedy / Dramatic / Impro /
Cycling /Zumba / Skipping / Hoolahoop / Swimming / Monkey-Bike-Riding / Walking / Knitting / Sewing / Gardening / Cooking / Florist / Barmaid / Pub Landlady / Company Director / Charity Event Organiser / Hairdresser / Cake Decorator / Script Writer /

Disney DX channel. Some stills.
Advertising Standard Agency. Stills. ( areas. ). National. Multi Media.
Marketing Launch Event, (Everybody Engage) Feature Tea Lady..
Bold advert.
Stills Model. For Talking Books. , Pearsons Educational . (Areas). National Mags )
Modelling for a video shoot.
Modelling for a large underwear outlet.
Wax Pictures, for Hallmark cards. (. Lolly pop. Lady. ).
Photo Shoot, Trident, multi media.
Daily Mail, ( National. )
Photo Shoot, Hedgehog Ltd.
Fitting Model Petite Debenhams.
Model for Pippa Dee.
Total petrol. Magazine Front Page.
And many more photoshoots.


Vocal ability


Rapping ability


Composer ability


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Country

I have sung old time songs in Pantomime
And used to belong to a barbershop group.
Regards. Moe.

TV & Reality

SHREDDIES NANA JUNE. For internet, find her holiday videos on their home page and UTube.
TV. Feature for new Sky Channel Add
Nisa commercial Feature
Clipper tea commercial Feature
Specsavers on line. Adds feature.
LifeChannel Launch, Idents. Featured The Vally's Feature Role.
Monkey Bike Rider.
Xfactor Promo
Walk on Features for THE. DOUBLE. Major feature Film.
Elementry, Feature (Nosey Neighbour)
Corporate Event, Tea Lady, Feature.
BurgerKing Commercial Walk on,
Specsavers Commercial, Feature Zumba dancing Pensioner.
Bollywood Feature Film, (Close family member at a funeral.)
Morrisons Xmas Commercial (Walk On )
Stills. Corporate Photo shoot,, for private Photographer.
Act of God film Ch/4 S/A
The right stuff / Audience
Churchill commercial / S/A
Channel 4, Phone jackers comedy series S/A Commercial.Pot nood
Channel Bee, comedy sketch, Acto
Commercial Hallmark Cards, Wax Productions (For Hallmark cards) Feature rol
Channel Bee. Comedy Sketch "The Boardroom" Actor.
Channel Bee, Comedy Sketch.Break in. Actor.
Channel Bee, Comedy Sketch, Nosy Neighbour, Actor.
ITV1,2,3,4. Drama series, (Forensic Casebook)with Mathew Kelly. (Acting roll..


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Disco

Dancing on stage in Panto.
Cuprinol. Add. Dancing Gardener.
Spec savers. Zumba. Dancing old Granny


TV presenter experience

Previous unpaid TV presenter roles

Radio presenter experience

Previous unpaid Radio presenter roles

  • English

  • UK English

Presenter union memberships
  • Equity

Mostly on stage. At charity events and
I just completed a radio presenting course at the City Lit in London.
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