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Highly talented and experienced with excellent communication Christopher couldn't have been more of a pleasure to work with!

Recommended for Acting Feb 4, 2021

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Chris did a great job impersonating Churchill for me. Easy to work with and a fantastic final product! Thanks Chris!

Recommended for Acting Aug 2, 2019

Chris is not just an incredibly versatile actor, but a pleasure to be on set with. He’s funny and takes direction very well. Not the last time I ask Chris to work with me. Real pleasure. Professional.

Recommended for Acting Jul 12, 2019

Incredible actor, and a lovely guy. Can't wait to work with him again in the future!

Recommended for Acting May 22, 2019

Chris was a pleasure to work with; easy-going, reliable and very talented. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Acting Feb 20, 2011

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