Nathan J Lloyd

Nathan J Lloyd Pro

Gloucester, United Kingdom


A = Advertiser

Very funny and able to improv with great skill.

Recommended for Acting Apr 10, 2019

StarNow Verified

Professional, took directors instructions above and beyond. Would love to work with him again. A joy to be with on set. Also he had a wide range of useful skills to use as an actor

Recommended for Acting Apr 7, 2019

Nathan is very professional and dedicated. He takes direction very well and is also knowledgeable about things such as eyelines and continuity between takes which made it easier to block out our scenes on set. Nathan also worked hard to bring our character to life. The whole crew praised his co-operation and professionality during his time working with us!

Recommended for Acting Apr 6, 2019

Nathan was easy to work with and took direction well

Recommended for Acting Apr 3, 2019

We worked together on a short scene. Nathan was really easy to get along with and fun to work with

Recommended for Acting Mar 29, 2019

Nathan is extremely professional! Not only did he take direction well, but suggested a lot of good things towards his character too. He has a really funny, bubbly personality, which makes him easy to work with and get along with everyone on set. Was able to easily slip in and out of character on cue, would definitely recommend!

Recommended for Acting Mar 22, 2019

StarNow Verified

Very responsive and eager to perform in a way that works best for the director, making Nathan flexible and easy to work with

Recommended for Acting Mar 3, 2019

Professional and hard working. Very easy to work with.

Recommended for Extras Oct 19, 2018

Lovely to work with, was very friendly and funny which helped keep everyone's morale up. Was very happy to do alot of line retakes and stuck through an entire day. Great personality and plenty of talent. Takes direction well and was willing to come out of his comfort zone. Very confident after his time with Butlins, which made filming alot easier because we had already gotten to know him quite soon. Excellent talent to portray meaningful, passionate and emotional lines. :)

Recommended for Acting Oct 8, 2018

His audition was spot-on - he did exactly as requested and has been very professional. He couldn't have performed any better for the role he applied for.

Recommended for Acting Sep 5, 2018

Nathan was really professional and great to work with for a short music video. Worked through everything we needed to, it all felt natural and worked well.

Recommended for Acting Sep 5, 2018