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Cardiff, United Kingdom
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Nyth y Gwcw

THE CUCKOO'S NEST Traditional. What Nath is mostly well-known for.

01Nyth y Gwcw
02Y March Glas
03Can Felan Pryder
04Marwnad yr Ehedydd
05Ar Hyd y Nos

Physical Attributes

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Credits & experience

  • Arts Council of Wales : Expressive Arts Award - teaching a group of teenagers with learning disabilities
  • Arts Council of Wales : Expressive Arts Award
  • Community Music Wales : Community Music Tutor
  • National Eisteddfod of Wales : Battle of the Bands - Best Musician Award
  • Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama : BMus (Hons)


Recently accredited as successful inspiring "Autism Advocate", and will do whatever it takes - however difficult it is - to put an end to all the ignorance and the suffering.
Hosted games and wish to do more of this.
I have also lent my voice to audio book recordings for RNIB.


Nath has influenced many people over the years with his constant TV and Radio appearances and music skills. He is also commited to helping those in need who find social relationships a struggle, one of these has included an individual from "The Undateables". His patient approach to society has given such individuals the strength to stand for themselves and help others as well.
Recently, he has contacted the producer of the Welsh soap opera "Pobol y Cwm" in the hope that he will have encouraged the possible necessity of introducing a character who has AS, in order to broaden the awareness.

Nath is also passionate about communication. He has carried forward over the years what he describes as a "communication legacy". Inspired by a non English-speaking Cuban friend, Nath has encouraged individuals to communicate through facial expression and body language as well as through tone of voice and hopes that such individuals including yourselves will carry this legacy forward for years to come.


Guitar ability


Vocal ability


Singing styles
  • Classical

TV & Reality

Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol
Autism Live
Prynhawn Da
...and others

I have performed and raised awareness on AS in all of these programmes. Why is that? Because someone needs to.

Film & Stage Crew

Directing & Writing ability


Performed in Theatre and in media studios.
Work experience in Hijinx theatre for disabled people.
Former member of Spectacle Theatre.
Played a minor part in an opera.


TV presenter experience

Previous unpaid TV presenter roles

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