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Manchester, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

160 cm / 5ft 3in
62 kg / 136 lbs
86 cm / 34 in
Skin color:
81 cm / 32 in
106 cm / 42 in
Dress size:
UK 12 / AUS 12 / US 8
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • 'Merger' Short film by Joseph Dobson (Apr'18) - Sequel to previous film 'Exit Deal' : 'Tess' Office Manager in a comic political sattire representing Theresa May ('Office' like mockumentary) depicting merger of UK with Ireland in Brexit situation..
  • 'Two Sides' Short Film by Hina Ali (Mar'18) : 'Liyana' lead female role of a Pakistani woman in a marital relationship falling apart with her loving and caring husband due to her having had certain secret issues of physical and sexual abuse ..
  • 'Epoch' Music Video directed by James Walker and singers Rob Paterson and Flora Jackson (Apr'18) : Stagehand - an actor in a sinking cruiseship in an ocean who has been enslaved and captured by a wicked couple and needs to do as told to survive..
  • 'Echoes' Short Film by Daniel Sierwald and Katrina Matthews (Mar'18) : 'Scott's Aunt' in a film about this equipment called Echoes which is a technolical advance on camera..
  • (Mar'18) - Friend Productions Ltd (Atlantic Records) : Music Video - 'Someone Out There' by Singer 'Rae Morris' ....posing as corporate business woman in the music video
  • (Feb’18) Presenting and interviewing in direction of Sofia Theophilou : Presenting and interviewing first of 5 part series of an awareness campaign to prevent child labour in Africa having interviewed some heads of specified charities working towards this be telecast for worldwide broadcast ..
  • 'Bee' professional film directed by Emily Hagan, produced by Jessica Da Silva (Jan'18) : 'Amna' - 'Nadia's mum' : who is not very happy with the way her daughter has been behaving recently..
  • 'Sweet Revenge' Play (directed by Jean Cox) at Brookdale Theatre, Bramhall, (24-27 Jan'18) : 'Judy' Doctor's secretary in this murder mystery who is the centre point for all characters as she is the one who has to deal with a lot of various characters and has her doubts on few people who could be the actual murderers..
  • 'Refugee' Short film by Jair Bell (Jun'17) : Refugee who is struggling to make ends meet ..
  • 'Adjustment Bureau' A Short film scene by Sofia Theophilou (Dec'17) : The lady in bathroom who has entered the men's bathroom by mistake and gets caught in an awkward situation by this famous politician
  • 'Standing Up' Short film by Syed Hassan Naqvi (Dec'17) : School Principal fighting against bullying in her school and always standing up for her students wanting their best welfare
  • 'Exit Deal' Short film by Joseph Dobson (Dec'17) : 'Tess' Office Secretary..Something strange is going on in office which she is not aware of but getting very suspicious..
  • 'Reflections' Showcase by Actors Lab in Lowry, Manchester on 12th/13th Nov'17 : Aspiring actress who didn't achieve her ambitions as per her dreams


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Broad International

  • English
  • Hindi

  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • American Indian
  • Indian

I have recently acted in two stage plays..'Sweet revenge' a murder mystery at Brookdale Theatre, Bramhall, Manchester (24-27 Jan'18) in a leading role and a professional talent showcase by Actors Lab called 'Reflections' on 12th/13th November'17 in Lowry, Manchester.
I have also worked in quite a few short films recently in various acting roles and capacities, 2 Music Videos and first of 5 part series of presenting and interviewing for an awareness campaign to be telecast and broadcast internationally ..I am currently working on few more films, a play and a feature film to be shot in very near future..
I have done professional actors' training with Actors Lab (Sue Jenkins and David/ Emily Fleeshman), Manchester, U.K. for almost 2 years having undertaken some acting workshops with various famous directors and casting directors in industry of big names like Coronation Street, Hollyoaks, Doctors, Ghost, etc.
I am currently undertaking some more professional training with Stirling Academy, Bolton (Glen Mortimer) and Act4TV (Christine Irex), Manchester..and enrolled myself for future courses with Act Up North Manchester and Manchester Actors Platform ..soon to start in very near future..
I have recently done some walkon roles for ABC and No Offence(Channel 4 productions), Bancroft and Cold Feet (ITV productions), Gold (Bollywood Blockbuster starring Akshay Kumar) ..
I have acted in various plays on stage both in U.K. and in India during my past years on community, school and university level.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Classical

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Hip-hop
  • Classical
  • Country

I have sung on various occasions during big community events both on individual basis and also as part of a choir. I am a part of Indian Choir of UK having performed in many prestigious shows and events including Wembley Stadium in London in front of Indian and British Prime Ministers. I was in the past a member of another choir called Sing Live and took part in a big concert at Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, U.K.
I have recently been cast for a musical theatre for 'Oliver' at Knutsford Theatre to be performed in May'18.

TV & Reality

I have taken part in a small TV documentary film and also a radio play in the past in India.
In UK, I have recently done some walk on roles on ABC (Channel 4 production), Bancroft and Cold Feet (both ITV productions), Gold (Bollywood Blockbuster starring Akshay Kumar)


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Bollywood
  • Disco
  • Hip Hop

I have mainly done Indian folk and Bollywood dancing in the past. I have undertaken Indian dancing lessons and taken part in competitions on school and university level with various dance groups and choreographers.


TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

  • English
  • Hindi

  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • American Indian
  • Indian

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