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Temp Interruptus (Season 1)

A comedy radio show, set in a dysfunctional temp agency

01Temp Interruptus (Season 1)
02Advert VO

Physical Attributes

185 cm / 6ft 1in
76 kg / 167 lbs
White / Caucasian
106 cm / 42 in
Skin color:
81 cm / 32 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • 'Sam Zero VA', Online : Boyfriend
  • 'Autism and Mental Health', Documentary : Narrator
  • 'The Piggies', Short Film : Bailey
  • 'Cinderella', Pantomime : Buttons
  • 'Eskimo Jo Grotto', Corporate : Father Christmas
  • 'For the Record', Radio : Tom
  • 'Ultimate Britannia', Theatre : Marcipor
  • 'Brightworths School of Magic', Site Specific : Podrick
  • 'Murder in the Library', Theatre : DI John Rutherford
  • 'Stranger Things Event', Site Specific : Doctor Brenner
  • 'Show Your Face', Music Video : The Man
  • 'Halloween Hotel Horror', Theatre : Ivan Appetite, DCI Derk N Stormy
  • 'Domestic Panda', Online : Jogger
  • 'Magical Escape Rooms', Interactive Video : Professor of Herbology (The Trapped Wizard)
  • 'Saint Soldier', Feature Film : Tim
  • 'A Vague Arrangement', Music Video : The Magician
  • 'Jack', Short Film : John
  • 'Accentuate Games', Online : Player
  • 'Old Man Dan', Short Film : Baby Man
  • 'Much Ado About Nothing', National Theatre : Borachio, Friar Francis
  • 'Ready For My Close Up', Short Film : John
  • 'Comedy Football GIF Shoot', Online : Footballer
  • 'Haven Murder Mystery', Site Specific : Adam Zapple
  • 'Dead Man Walking', Opera : Anthony De Roucher (Understudy)
  • 'We Go In At Dawn', Feature Film : POW
  • 'Merlins Memories', Site Specific : Merlin
  • 'Twelfth Night', Theatre : Malvolio
  • 'Naked Attraction', TV : Naval Officer, Bartender
  • 'Murder at Boisdale', Theatre : Carter Adair, Maxmillian Mcdougal
  • 'Floor 20', Short Film : Doctor Thomas
  • 'Brightworths: Founding Fairies and Troublesome Trolls', Site Specific : Hufrall
  • 'Pagalpanti', Feature Film : Ticket Seller
  • 'Reality TV', Short Film : Paul
  • 'On the Tools; Triton Showers', Online : Darren
  • 'Sky Atlantic: Game of Thrones Promo', Online : Tourist
  • 'The Overcoat', Short Film : David
  • 'Murder in the Library', Theatre : Walter Hatley, Richard Atherton
  • 'Red Alert', Music Video : Medieval Soldier
  • 'Small Rebellions', Theatre : Andy
  • 'Toby', Short Film : Rodney
  • 'Make The Flames Of the Revolution Rage Furiously', Theatre : Official 2
  • 'When Cosmetic Surgery Goes Horribly Wrong', TV : Anaesthetist/Consultant
  • 'Your Actions Are My Dreams', Theatre : Man 3
  • 'Ghost of Chesterton House', National Tour : Jacob Ward
  • 'The Box', Corporate : Facilitator
  • 'The Ghost of Chesterton House', National Theatre Tour : Jacob Ward
  • 'Twinkle Twinkly Little Star', TIE Tour : Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Twinkly Star, Fredrick Frog
  • 'Brightworths School of Magic', Site Specific : Podrick, Orwand Black
  • 'The Toytown Christmas', TIE Tour : Father Christmas, Jack in the Box, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, Freida the Frog
  • 'Who Gets the Cat', Theatre : Edward
  • 'Standby Self Storage', Commerical : Male Lead
  • 'Hypo', Short Film : Jack
  • 'London Quest', Corporate : Play Maker
  • 'Riff', Short Film : Jim Lyons
  • 'Witching Hour', Short Film : Paul
  • 'Strong', Short Film : John
  • 'Temps Interruptus', Radio Sitcom : Justin
  • 'Rhondda Rebel', Site Specific : Jury Foreman
  • 'God of Miracles', Music Video : Lead Male
  • 'Persephone', Radio Play : Hades
  • 'Tesco Customer Types', Training Video : Shoplifter
  • 'Namaste England', Feature Film : Party Guest
  • 'Marella Discovery' Cruiseship : Actor/Entertainment Host
  • 'Animated Classics', Theatre : Host
  • 'Neverland', Theatre : Captain Hook
  • 'Shiver Me Timbers', Theatre : Long John Silver
  • 'Medieval Madness', Theatre : Shrieff Cecil Hatred
  • 'Who Killed Rudolf?', Theatre : Inspector Course
  • 'Splash', Theatre : Scout
  • 'Whose Crime is it Anyway?', Theatre : Constable Haywain
  • 'Breakfast for One', Theatre : Marcel Morrisoe
  • 'Coffee Barista Success Story', Online : Lead
  • 'IMIS Fitness Videos', Online Content : DOP, Boom Operator, Office Worker, Massage Customer
  • 'A Gift of Spice', Commercial : Husband
  • 'Bloomberg', Photoshoot : Model
  • 'We Eat Dirt', Music Video : Pub Brawler
  • 'Shift', Short Film : The Man
  • 'Death in Paris', Short Film : Henry Stevenson
  • 'The Degree Show', TV : Host
  • 'My Andalucian Dog', Rehearsed Reading : Pierre
  • 'DJ', Feature Film : Raver
  • 'Surviving: Life Afer Stroke', Live TV Show : On Location Reporter
  • 'Jungley Jadoogar 3: Story Time with Dadi', Theatre : Fifi, The Magic Banyan Tree
  • 'Karma Police', Short Film : Harry
  • 'MCE Insurance', TV : Big Ed
  • 'Kingdom', Short Film : John Davis
  • 'Jungley Jadoogar 2: JJ Spoils The Party', Theatre : Aladdin, Fifi, Ferryman, Pizza Delievery Boy
  • 'Wuthering Heights', International Theatre Tour : Hindley Earnshaw, Hareton Earnshaw
  • 'Beep', Short Film : Bailey
  • 'Not Going Out', TV (Student) : Lee
  • 'Three Dots and A Dash', Feature Film : Officer Alan
  • 'Once Again', Theatre : Peter
  • 'Mafia's Greatest Hits', Documentary : Arnold Schuster
  • 'Casualty', Short Film : David
  • 'A Christmas Carol', Theatre Tour : Bob Cratchit, Scrooge Sr, Dick Wilkins, Jimmy
  • 'Terror Tours', Interactive Experience : Victor Frankenstein, Spring Heel Jack, Inspector Watt
  • 'Real Story of American Sniper' : State Trooper
  • 'Wuthering Heights', Theater Tour : Hindley Earnshaw/ Hareton Earnshaw
  • 'The Decision' TIE Tour : Danny, Bernard Jones, Defense and Martin Simms
  • 'Midsummer Nights Dream', Theatre Tour : Bottom, Lysander
  • 'Jungly Jadoogar', Theater : Fifi, Jester, Lead Understudy
  • 'Recall', Short Film : Mark
  • 'How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse', Live TV Show : Male Presenter
  • 'Real Story of Unbroken', Documentary : Billy Graham
  • 'On the Other Side', Short Film : Matthew
  • 'Covet', Short Film : Male Lead
  • 'Thieves Like Us', Web Series : Matthew
  • 'Maryland', Short Film : Steve
  • 'Write Here Write Now', Theatre : John, Police Man 2, Dave
  • 'Coffee Advert', Commerical : World War 1 Solider
  • 'Silent Scream', Theatre : Clerk
  • 'Psychosis', Short Film : Doctor Reece
  • 'Tesco in the Community Training Video', Voice Over : Narrator
  • 'Christmas Carol' Theatre : Ebeneezer Scrooge
  • 'Resonance', Short Film : The Doctor
  • 'The Decision' TIE Tour : Danny, Bernard Jones, Defense and Martin Simms
  • 'Shutterbug', Short Film : The Body
  • 'Corporate Banking Video', Corporate : Uncle Josh
  • 'The Decision' TIE Tour : Bernard Jones, Danny, Defense Lawyer, Martin Simms
  • 'Dreamland Launch', Corporate : The Ring Master
  • 'A Nice Place to Sit', Short Film : Boyfriend
  • 'Corporate Web Video', Corporate : Stockbroker
  • 'Colours' Short Film : Footballer
  • 'Teach your Monster to Read', Corporate : The Monster
  • 'Romeo and Juliet' Theater : Mercutio
  • Vampire by Implication, Radio : Voice 1
  • 'The Decision' TIE : Jamie Jones, Judge, Graham
  • 'Rapunzel' Pantomime : Flynn Ryder/Dame Gothel
  • 'Journeys End' Theatre : Mason
  • 'Twelfth Night' Theater : Sir Andrew Aguecheek
  • 'Halloween Hill of Horrors', Theatre : Tour Guide
  • 'Wuthering Heights', Theater : Edgar Linton
  • 'Dracula', Theater : Arthur Holmwood
  • 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves', Pantomime : Prince Vailent
  • University of Exeter : BA Hons in Drama
  • 'Alice in Wonderland' : The White Rabbit
  • 'Last Orders' : Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  • 'Hotel Remember', Theater : The Porter
  • 'Pericles', Theater : Lysimachus
  • 'The Tell Tale Heart', Theater : Edgar Allan Poe
  • 'The Messiah', Theater : Pontius Pilate


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Grand Talent Agency

  • English

  • Irish
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • USA Southern

Union memberships
  • Equity

Spotlight Pin: 8398-3497-6724
Fully DBS checked
Full ENG1 Medical Examination

STCW Basic Sea Safety Training Certificates
-Personal Safety & Social Responsibility (PSSR)
-Elementary First Aid (EFA)
-Personal Survival Techniques (PST)
-Fire Prevention & Firefighting
-Security Awareness

Long Distance Runner, Strong Swimmer and Regular Gym Goer

As an actor I have been professional for the past seven years, over which time I have gained significant experience in Film, TV and Theatre. My film and TV credits have included a HAFTA awarding winning short (Winner of Best Picture/ Best Cinematography Awards), a well received Sundance Finalist Short (Nominated for Best Short 2016), four successful mainstream documentaries (Aired on ITV4, Channel 5 and the Discovery Channel), four international feature films, Two British Independent Films, a psychological thriller, an in store training video, a popular online crime series, several live broadcast, countless corporate shoots, a few silent shorts, a large amount of student films, an adaptation of an existing English sitcom, an advert for an Online Degrees company and several comedic shorts. I have also appeared in four music videos (one of which achieved 100,000 views in a single day). My radio credits have included a recurring role in the radio sitcom 'Temps Interruptus' and the role of Hades in a retelling of the Greek tale 'Persephone'. However my highest achievement to date has been walking away with the Film Oxfords Best Actor Award 2018.

As a theatre actor I have toured both Nationally and Internationally with plays ranging from Shakespeare, Greek Comedies and Tragedies to Gothic horrors, more contemporary dramas, murder mysteries and new writing. My credits have included 'Dead Man Walking' (Welsh National Opera), 'Romeo and Juliet' (Arch 555) , 'Twelfth Night' (Rhodes Arts Complex), ' Ghost of Chesterton House' (National Tour), 'Much Ado About Nothing' (National Tour), 'Midsummer Nights Dream' (National Tour), 'Wuthering Heights' (National and International Tour), 'A Christmas Carol' (National Tour) and 'Journeys End' (Rhodes Arts Complex). I have also appeared in the original casts of the newly published plays 'The Silent Scream' (The Pump House) and 'Who Gets the Cat' (Lantern Theatre). My theatrical work has allowed me to perform in some of the largest and most beautiful venues across the world, from the 600 seat Grand Theatre in Shanghai to the Cardiff Millennium Stadium and the British Museum.

In addition to this I also have a vast amount of experience working in children's theatre. Over the years I have appeared in six professional pantomimes, playing everything from the traditional ghost gag to the leading man. I have also toured extensively with different TIE productions, appearing in everything from plays on road safety to adaptations of classic literature. In addition to this I have also combined my acting talents with my skills as a magician in the long running immersive children's event 'Brightworths School of Magic'. This experience put me in contact with hundreds of children a day, and gave me the opportunity to further hone my illusion and slight of hand skills, as I found myself performing 8 different magic shows a day. Finally my time in children's theatre has also led me to performing at the prestigious London Olympia and South Bank Centre in the 'Jungly Jadoogar' series.

Between 2017 and 2018 I worked for Marella Cruises as an Entertainment/Actor Host, performing in a variety of shows ranging from children's pop up performances to full length comedy shows. During this time I also worked as a presenter in some of their on board gameshows and trivia's.

I pride myself on the quality of my work, and always give my full dedication to each and every role I play. I am always willing to master new skills and accents quickly and have been told that I am incredibly easy to work with. References are available on request, and reviews of my work can be found below.

'Nicholas Benjamin is exquisite as Lysander and Bottom' (ONEMK.COM)

'Nicholas Benjamin, who does such a good job of making Scrooge’s dad an unrepentant, punchable monster' (TheStage)

'Nicholas Benjamin earns a rueful laugh for "I was adored once, too".' (WhatsonStage)

'The Ghost of Chesterton House had us on the edge of our seats for a full 45 minutes or so, and for that the actors and producers should be praised' (Scare Tours UK)

'A beautifully and perfectly delivered story by the actors, who took you right into the story and I was completely lost in what was going on around me' (parksscaresandglitter)

'If you are looking for a one of a kind, 360 degrees, haunt filled production in 2019, The Ghost Of Chesterton House is a must on your list' (Thrill Nation)

Singing Skills
Bass/Baritone singer with experience in Disney, Musicals, Swing, Pop, Classical

Other Professional Work
Work as a freelance writer under the pen name Alexander Wright (Finalist in the Writer Here Write Now Festival 2016)
Currently working as a presenter for the educational company SAME Academy
Currently working as a Historical and Scare Actor at the London Bridge Experience.
Currently working as an audition workshop leader and facilitator
Currently presenting a series of lecturers entitled 'An Actors Life for me; Gaining Work in the Industry' at Universities and Sixth Forms.

Used to run Immersive Theatre Company Dramatic Pause (2012-2016)
Worked as a Historic Tour Guide (2014-2016)
Held the position of Writer in residence at Stansted Mountfitchet Castle from 2014 to 2015.
Worked as a magic demonstrator at Haley's Toystore



Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Extras agent

Tracey Boyd


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Although not a fully trained model, I have done several vintage and coporate photo shoots in the past.

TV & Reality

I have starred in a web series, which has potential to be picked up by a TV production company


TV presenter experience

Previous paid TV presenter roles

Radio presenter experience

No previous Radio presenter experience

Presenting agent

Tracey Boyd (Grand Talent)

  • English

  • Irish
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • USA Southern

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