1 on 1 Acting Coaching -  Tailored To YOUR Needs

1 on 1 Acting Coaching - Tailored To YOUR Needs

London, United Kingdom

Philip Kay

My one 1-on-1 Acting coaching sessions are tailored to your needs and designed to help you to achieve your personal acting goals. These lessons can help you learn new skills that you didn't think you could learn and improve on the skills you already possess. The goal is to increase your ability to deliver a performance with confidence, impact and to get rid of any bad habits that stop you from being present in the moment and delivering your best, most creative and authentic work.

Things we can work on:
- Acting technique for Camera
- Vocal Techniques
- Acting for Stage
- Audition technique (Before, During & After the Audition)
- Drama School Audition Preparation (Classical and Contemporary speeches)
- & so much more

The lessons are YOURS so we can work on ANY and ALL of those areas. Acting training is so important. Just like any craft without practice and trying new things out, we'll never truly progress. With training and practice, comes improvement. With improvement, comes confidence. With confidence comes so much more opportunity to explore new creative ideas, armoured with a sense Fearlessness and steely determination. That is what acting workshopping and personalised coaching will give you.

Sound appealing to you? why not give it a try? Get in touch to let us know what you want to work on and improve on and if it all sounds good to you we can arrange a taster lesson to see whether or not 1-on-1 acting lessons are indeed for you. Also the first lesson is FREE so no need to worry about whether or not it'll be a waste of money.

For further information on the Lessons or how to book, email us at philip.kay@hotmail.com or contact the number linked below and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Philip Kay
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