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This is what happens when a client requires you to "write something similar" to a famous Mancini tra

02Brink of Womanhood
03Jacopo Sanna - Briciole di Luglio
0401 Game Music
0502 Game Music
0603 Game Music
07Tempesta - Black Yet Full of Stars
08Tokyo Nightflight
09Youtube Logo

Credits & experience

  • Out of the Nest - Short Indipendent Film : Music Composer
  • Anders, Authentiek - National Day Against Transphobia : Music Composer, Recordist and Sound Design
  • Manner Ouni Virnimm - Netherlands Film Festival and Shortcutz Festival Official Selection : Music Composer
  • MyRodeReel - A Small Story About Great Belief : Music Composer
  • "The Creak" Movie Short : Music Composer, Sound designer and foley artist
  • OIL "Laberintos" : Composer, arranger and orchestrator of the orchestral parts on the track "My Own Executioner"
  • Ade "Veni Vidi Vici" : Orchestral Arrangement and Composer of the album's intro
  • Nightland "Umbra Astra Luna" : Orchestrator
  • Nightland "Obsession" : Arranger of the choral parts on the entire album
  • Black Yet Full of Stars, self-titled : Producer, composer, arranger, engineer, guitar and bass player


Composer ability


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Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Indie
  • Metal
  • Classical

Influences: Septicflesh, Shawn Mendes, Nightwish, Bts, Levante

Nowadays it is extremely easy to make orchestral-sounding music. Sample libraries have come to the point where an untrained ear will have a very hard time telling the difference. What most people working in this field do lack though, is the knowledge of how the instruments they are working with work, thus achieving human-sounding orchestral music is definitely still challenge hard to overcome.

I had the luck of working with both real orchestras and sampled ones and both in professional studios: I know that the "perfection" of a great-sounding orchestra is in the tons of small imperfections every instrument has in an ensemble context. I like to think I have that extra care needed to get the best out of them.

Hit me up and let's make it happen!
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