Jeff Kirkland

Lighting Crew Member, Camera Operator, Editor / Post Production Staffer, Writer / Director

Tasmania, Australia
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Credits & experience

  • Short Film: Sombra : Colourist
  • Documentary: BAM BAM : Colourist
  • Short Film: Pursuant (in post-production) : Writer/Director
  • Music video: Sad Song - Dispraze : Writer, director, cinematographer
  • ONE/18 FILMS : Writer/Director/Cinematographer
  • Short film: Run Don't Run : DP / Cinematographer
  • Short film: Believing Baxter : Gaffer
  • Short film: Killfie : Gaffer
  • Southern Creative Media : Producer / Cinematographer

Film & Stage Crew

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Post Production & Editing ability


As a freelance video producer I've been writing, shooting and editing corporate video and television commercials for almost 30 years.

I enjoy the work immensely - and feel free to chat to me about working on any of those types of projects - but I'm here on Star Now to see if I can get involved with some short film projects as DP (and possibly other related roles) in order to build a narrative showreel and prove that I can light and shoot things beyond just talking head interviews and b-roll.

My priority is to find interesting projects that I can shoot and create a showreel from so don't feel you can't approach me if your budget is low. If I feel there's an opportunity to shoot some exciting images, I could well be your man.

Filmmaking is a team sport and I work best in a collaborative environment where ideas are appreciated and encouraged.

I've recently relocated to Hobart, Tasmania so, while I'm happy to work pretty much anywhere, I'm especially interested in meeting and working with Tasmanian filmmakers.

I own and mostly use a Sony FS700 digital cinema camera (4K & 2K ProRes or RAW) but I also have several smaller cameras like Canon DSLRs and Panasonic GH4s, along with audio and lighting gear.
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