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Brighton, United Kingdom
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Insights from 2012 a twist in the tale

Short extract from my book, 2012 a twist in the tale. My Roland recorder can record in wav quality.

01Insights from 2012 a twist in the tale

Physical Attributes

177 cm / 5ft 10in
114 kg / 250 lbs
White / Caucasian
over 119 cm / 47 in
Skin color:
107 cm / 42 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Rock video, Magic by St PHNX : Central character - a veteran magician, in Edwardian clothes -
  • Reggae Music video for Wrongtom/Ragga Boys : One of three lead roles: freeform dancing and posing
  • Commercial for BITUCHEM Tarmac Roads : Lead role as a veteran marathon runner.
  • Major films, music videos, photo shoots, live gigs : Over forty productions as a model, lead role, supporting artist, lead singer...
  • Santa Claus - various roles : Come Home For Football - Sky Sports TV Commercial; Childrens' party @ Eastbourne Downs Golf Club; Lease-lining for The Body Shop in Regent Street, London; Santa's Grotto at Sevenoaks Christmas Market; Santa on Eurotunnel train, greeting passengers
  • Short spoof silent movie to raise awareness for Care For The Elderly : Lead part: mimicking a race at a Pelican Crossing
  • Wizard at 3-day Halloween Family Festival, Parham House, West Sussex : Taliesin the Wizard - greeting families, telling self-penned childrens' stories in front of a log fire, performing magic tricks, entertaining parents, organising props for photo shoots.
  • American Comedy Series for NBC/Sky : Extra - played a walk on drunk
  • Various agencies : Model and Film Extra
  • Guest on various radio talk shows : Spiritual Radio California, Houston Business, Marlow FM, LBC, Radio 5 Live
  • Lewes Wellbeing Festivals 2012, 2013, 2015 : Keynote Speaker
  • Various venues in Brighton area : Lead singer in rock, country, folk and ska bands.
  • : Author
  • GMA: TV Presentation Skills : In studio, one-day course, practice with autocue, presentation, interviewing and time shuffling.
  • Setanta Sports - The Football Show : Co-host with Steve Claridge as a football pundit.
  • Beowulf Consulting : Business & Personal Performance Coach
  • IBM : Corporate Sales
  • Brunel University : PhD in Statistics


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

Union memberships

Acting, Singing, Extra, Photo Model: Since February 2016 I've played in over fifty productions:
1) Improv role, speaking part: an aging rock star, part of a drug rehab circle, for the British Red Cross.
2) A homeless drunk: the opening to an ad for the play, East, by Steven Berkoff
3) A front line, violent, elderly demonstrator in The Rebel, TV mini-series, starring Simon Callow and Bill Patterson.
4) Woodlander leading a small crowd, to rise against the Elders - with Stephen Fry in the Sky comedy, Yonderland, S3, Ep2..
5) Mirrored Pictures: a man, who having lived in the denizens of his ego and outward blame all his life, makes his way to the light. Illumined and then angered by his own wretched lifetime folly, little does he realise (real-eyes) that self-blame will only take him back to from whence he came. See profile for video.
6) Easter Bunny at Parham House Family festival - mime, dancing and much hugging
7) Rock video: a retired astronaut excavates a tin box that contains relics of his childhood aspirations to fly in space. Tearful and emotional expressions required - video out soon.
8) A video game character in Episode 1, Go Bit 8, a comedic game show on Dave TV with Dara O'Briain and ex-England goalkeeper, David James.
9) Silent part: A hooded figure in a short movie, Between You and Me. I also provided the voice in for a camera/interviewer in the same production. Release date: June 2016.
10) Movie: Justice League - Supporting artist in a short clip seated alongside Aquaman (Jason Momoa).
11) The Last Dragonslayer, fantasy movie, playing a homeless wizard in the background to Ricky Tomlinson and Pauline Collins.
12) Movie: Kingsman 2, The Golden Circle - A VIP guest at a rock festival in a forthcoming American spy action/thriller, for a top Hollywood studio.
13) A featured Russian Orthodox Bishop in a satirical film starring Michael Palin and Paul Whitehouse.
14) A macabre hooded medieval character in a fantasy feature film for a top Hollywood studio.
15) Music video: One of two disciples of Jesus in the devotional music video, Idowu Eyin - Jesus Oga Nla, directed by Uvi Orogun
16) A dancing prison inmate dressed in pink for a forthcoming major children's movie, starring Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant and Julie Walters 17) A ghostly cowboy, made up like a silent movie star, in a forthcoming rock video by The Other States. See 18) Role-playing Father Christmas for corporate and retail clients at 19 events in Nov-Dec 2016.
19) Corporate Advert: lead role as a veteran marathon runner for BITUCHEM Tarmac Roads.
20) Over 10 gigs as lead singer: Dylan, Kinks, Beatles, Bowie and other artists who have inspired me greatly
21) Music Video: one of three characters, freeform posing and dancing for a new single by reggae dub/producer Wrongtom with the Ragga Twins.
22) Music Video: Playing an aging magician in Edwardian garb, the main character, for the single "Magic" by St Phoenix.
23) National poster campaign for Carling Lager: photo model, playing an eccentric football fan.
24) Lead role. speaking part, as a wise sage in a local student film.
25) Secondary role, speaking part, as a burly assistant for a local short horror film.
26) Secondary role, speaking part, as a drunken victim of Dracula in a country churchyard.
27) Secondary role, corpse, in a local short film.
28) Playing a noble, featured supporting artist, in a medieval Disney fantasy, starring Angelina Jolie.
29) Secondary role, speaking part, playing a burly nightclub bouncer in a local short film.
30) Lead singer in a startup rock bank covering Beatles, REM, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones songs.
31) Photo Model with statically charged hair, shoot for a corporate gas company.
32) Speaking-support role as a nightclub security agent, fending off two thugs to protect a young man, from the film (in production process) Two Years of Decadence
33) Speaking-support role as an artist critiquing a new art movement in a gallery - from a film production in process, working title "In Brighton".


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

See acting experience


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Several shoots - see acting experience


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


Singing styles
  • Rock

Favourite genres
  • Rock
  • Country

Influences: Beatles, Pink Floyd, Bowie, Dylan, Grateful Dead, Zappa...

* Lead singer for a startup band, "Starfish" currently rehearsing.
* Just Dylan live at Goff's Park Summer Fayre. A free community event for all. 12-17:00hrs, Sunday 17 July 2016.
* Just Dylan, live at Knepp Castle Polo Club, 2 July 2016
* Just Dylan, 24 classic songs live, 3.30pm, 26 June 2016, at The Neptune Inn, 10 Victoria Terrace, Kingsway, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 2WB
* Feb 16: Lead singer in the band, Just Dylan, playing the Brighton area. Have bookings to end of June.
* Lead singer in two bands, Strippedown Floyd, and The Naked and the Dead - both duos with guest artists, including Martin Duffy from Primal Scream.
I'm told I sound more like Dylan than anyone else in the area. I've done about 40 paid gigs singing covers of Beatles, Stones, Floyd, Cream, Hawkwind, Dylan, Zappa, Bowie, Marley, The Specials and the Grateful Dead.
* Giggettes at the Chequers pub, in Brighton, on their Open Mic night and my singing went down amazingly well. I sang Like a Rolling Stone, by Dylan, and Wish You Were Here, by Pink Floyd - had em dancing in the aisles!
I've developed a confident and easy going, interactive, stage presence


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  • UK English

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