Phyllis Lopez

Actor, Extra, Photographer, Dancer, Teacher / Choreographer,… more

New York, United States
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  • Global Warning (Short Christian Film, Copyrighted 2011). : Actress in a Short Film. Starred in that short film alongside Warner J. Miller who formerly starred in "American Gangster" as one of the brothers.


Starred alongside Warner J. Miller in a Short Christian Film, Copyrighted, 2011. The Short Film was called: "Global Warning."


Vocal ability


Sang club songs, a cappella Freestyle and wrote my own; Hip Hop and rap when I was younger. Wrote and sang all types of Contemporary Christian Songs and Gospel going into my early-mid twenties. Wrote new songs (Christian, Gospel, Contemporary, Holy Hip Hop, Christian Rap, etc.) throughout my life even until now. Sang Gospel on the Streets (in the subways of NYC, wherever else God led me or leads me in Churches and Ministries, etc.) in NYC on all different stops to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a ministry truck mobile food unit to feed the hungry and homeless (also gave referrals). I was involved for most of my twenties there and on into my thirties also at a College Chapel Nyack Campus , NYC (when on Worth Street / Broadway location then) as a joint group singer & as a solo lead singer w / accompanying of music in a volunteer band to pray and worship God together on Chapel nights.


Used to club as a teenager in the nineties all over New York. I was into the club(s) scene heavily in NYC in the 1990's. Even dancing (on the streets and / or clubs) that activity in my life with all types of music especially club music and Hip Hop going into my twenties. Now I dance for the Lord Jesus Christ my Father God and Savior. I won a Hip Hop Contest when I was younger. I still love dance in all types of genres in Christian Songs and all kinds wholesome secular songs.


I love taking photos. With God's help I try and capture the best shots each time.

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