Eva Von Mitzka

Eva Von Mitzka Pro

London, United Kingdom


CP = Casting Professional

Professional great stuff .. wishing you the best with everything ;)

Recommended for Actor Aug 23, 2016

Looks very professional. Great unique look. Highly recommend

Recommended for Actor Aug 21, 2016

Great personality, looks good, works well, therefore highly recommended!

Recommended for Model Feb 25, 2016

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Eva is a delight to work with and I hope to do so again in the future

Recommended for Actor Jan 27, 2016

Eva was a pleasure to work alongside in Shockheaded Peter!

Recommended for Actor Jan 23, 2016

Eva was one amongst few shortlisted for a branded fashion film. Beautiful woman. Would highly recommend her.

Recommended for Actor Nov 24, 2015

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Eva was a real help on our final year University Project. They were prompt with arrival at recording studios. They were professional and easy to work with. They took direction well, and really understood the character they were playing. We would love to work with Eva in the future, and would recommend them for any other work they may apply for.

Recommended for Actor Nov 2, 2015

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Eva was great, proactive and played the part well. Would hire again.

Recommended for Actor Jun 5, 2015

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Eva was great fun to work with, and very professional on the shoot. I would definitely recommend Eva to anyone looking to cast her, and hope to work with her again in the future

Recommended for Model Nov 29, 2014

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It was a privilege to work with Eva. She was prompt, professional, easy to direct and I would love to work with her again.

Recommended for Model Oct 1, 2014

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Very professional actress, pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Actor Aug 5, 2014

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It was great to work with Eva. She was competent and fitted perfectly into her role. I can definitely recommend her.

Recommended for Actor Mar 6, 2014

Thank you.

Recommended for Actor Feb 11, 2014

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It was lovely working with Eva, she's very calm and professional and clearly loves her work.

Recommended for Model Dec 11, 2013

After travelling for more than fours to get to me due to a power failure, Eva was keen to do the shoot. Eva was a lovely professional model, who was patient, allowing me to experiment with a variety of lighting senareos, some of which worked some of which well !!! Eva was excellent, dedicated and well worth contacting for your modelling requirements.

Recommended for Model Oct 29, 2013

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Eva 'became' the character she portrayed. She delivered a subtle performance with all the internal intensity I'd hoped for from a character carrying lots of secrets. She applied herself to the character's backstory in a manner that carried through in her performance. She's also a lovely, thoughtful person.

Recommended for Actor Sep 10, 2013

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Eva was an absolute pleasure to work with on a bridal shoot. She's professional, punctual and dedicated. She gave such great results showing initiative and understanding of the context.

Recommended for Actor Sep 1, 2013

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Pleasure to work with, beautiful model and very reliable. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a model with a great dynamic energy!

Recommended for Model Jun 14, 2013

Showed up on time and was very patient despite us running late.

Recommended for Model Apr 26, 2013

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Eva was confident and punctual, taking directions well. Recommended

Recommended for Model Apr 12, 2013

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