Tony M

Tony M

Victoria, Australia


CP = Casting Professional

Tony is a brilliant person to work with; not only as an actor but BTS. I have no hesitation to highly recommend Tony for any role in a film that requires a person who is versatile, adaptable, and fun to be around :)

Recommended for Casting Feb 7, 2017

Hardworking and talented but also a really nice guy. Would not hesitate in recommending Tony.

Recommended for Casting Jan 10, 2017

Thanks Tony

Recommended for Casting Aug 22, 2016

Tony is a consummate professional and extremely dedicated to his craft. An excellent improvisational and comedic character actor, Tony is also able to craft nuanced dramatic performances. I have no hesitation recommending Tony and I look forward to working with him again. Scott Alexander, Madman Entertainment, April 2013

Recommended for Actor Apr 29, 2013

A Great guy and a very talented and versatile actor. Very positive and hard working. Highly recommend for projects budget $ million dollar

Recommended for Actor Apr 22, 2013

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Tony is a fantastic actor. Very reliable, hard working and can take directions easily. Tony was also a casting manager for my feature film-Sacked. Would like to work with Tony on other big scale projects.

Recommended for Actor Jan 22, 2013

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Tony is great to work with. Very keen, professional, on-time. Takes direction well! Thanks again Tony!

Recommended for Actor Oct 1, 2012

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Tony was easy to work with, reliable and full of enthusiasm. I highly recommend him in future productions.

Recommended for Actor Oct 24, 2011

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Good bloke to work with. I would be keen to cast him again for sure.

Recommended for Actor Sep 22, 2011

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Tony was an absolute gem to work with on set. His professionalism in his ability to maintain character throughout filming was exceptionally relieving for our small, student film crew and great to work around. He was always punctual, never demanding, and always made the tired and stressed crew laugh and feel good about themselves. I would definitely recommend Tony to anyone who asks.

Recommended for Actor Sep 22, 2011

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Easy to work with and very professional!

Recommended for Actor Oct 2, 2010

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Recommended for Actor Dec 29, 2017

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Recommended for Actor Nov 12, 2016

Recommended for Casting Oct 24, 2016

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Recommended for Actor Sep 12, 2016

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