Neil Goldsmith

Neil Goldsmith Pro

Victoria, Australia


CP = Casting Professional

Really nice guy! Takes direction really well. Absolute professional!

Recommended for Actor Jun 17, 2018

Confident and experienced in this industry, highly recommend!

Recommended for Actor May 10, 2018

Neil was so friendly, professional & easy going to work with.

Recommended for Actor Jan 17, 2018

Neil was fun to work with on set. He was friendly and yet still being professional.

Recommended for Actor Jan 15, 2018

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Neil a few times, he brings a lot to his roles and is a great presence on set.

Recommended for Actor Jan 14, 2018

StarNow Verified

Great profile well driven.....

Recommended for Actor Jan 11, 2018

I highly recommend Neil for his kindness and he is super professional. Thanks for being the best dad in the cherry hill phot shoot !

Recommended for Casting Jan 9, 2018

Neil is a dedicated, professional, and talented actor. I look forward to working with him again :)

Recommended for Actor Oct 20, 2017

Neil was great to work with. He fitted in instantly with the ensemble for the shoot and was patient and professional at all times. He takes direction really well and adds a bit of cheekiness and character to the job. Highly recommended!

Recommended for Actor Nov 20, 2016

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Really knows his stuff

Recommended for Actor Apr 21, 2016

Neil was a pleasure to work with on and off the film set. And I hope to work with him in the near future.

Recommended for Actor Aug 18, 2015

Instant chemistry and connection. Great actor to work with. Professional and down to earth. So much fun to work with.

Recommended for Actor Jun 7, 2015

What a top guy, easy going and great with my kids.

Recommended for Actor Jun 4, 2015

Nail is very professional and responsible actor/model! Great fun to work with!

Recommended for Actor Feb 28, 2015

Great to work with. Great ideas and easygoing.

Recommended for Actor Jan 19, 2015

StarNow Verified

It was an absolute pleasure working with Neil on my short film. He is extremely professional, dedicated and takes direction well. He managed to make his character funnier than I thought possible and gave consistent performances each take. His great sense of humour, positive attitude on set and fun personality make him a great asset for any film and I highly recommend him.

Recommended for Actor Oct 5, 2014

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Neil was very enthusiastic in getting into the shoot we did together, and brought a unique brand of humour to the set. His engagement with the rest of the cast kept the group engaged whilst still being professional.

Recommended for Actor Jul 29, 2014

StarNow Verified

Great actor. Punctual, and easy to work with. Looking forward to creating more scars on you in the future!

Recommended for Actor Jul 24, 2014

Incredible drive, can't believe he did 17 shorts in 6 months!! (I did 16 in 12!) Worked with Neil in Drugs Not Thugs (2014)

Recommended for Actor Jul 16, 2014

Amazing working with Neil on set for a short film. Awesome actor, helped me with building on my character as well, reliable and had a ball working with him!!! Would definitely recommend him for any work.

Recommended for Actor Jun 17, 2014

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