Rebecca Grundy

Rebecca Grundy

Wolverhampton, United Kingdom


CP = Casting Professional

Rebecca is awesome - friendly, fun and very professional! She did a great job in the role of Monique at our high-pressure shoot (we were very up against it time wise!) Thank you - hope to work again with you sometime!

Recommended for Actor Aug 12, 2019

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I had the great pleasure to work with such an amazing professional such as Rebecca , we took part in two films and one play. In one film I was directing it and she was very eager and easy to direct. Also as a fellow member of the cast she was very easy to work with and a great motivator who she gave her all to her character. If you really want someone whos passionate and professional , Rebecca is your actress

Recommended for Actor Jun 5, 2018

Sexy and beautiful

Recommended for Actor Aug 16, 2017

Nice work Rebecca

Recommended for Actor May 15, 2017

Rebecca was great during our promotional video shoot. She took direction very well and understood exactly what I wanted with regards to make up and wardrobe and turned up looking perfect on the day. It's worth mentioning that she went above and beyond - it was an outdoor shoot so it was short notice on the official date of filming due to weather, but she kept a week free so that I could call her up when we were going ahead. Fantastic to work with, I highly recommend.

Recommended for Actor May 10, 2017

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