Sanna Kelly

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Bristol, United Kingdom


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Sanna is a superstar! She was professional and well organised- a total pleasure to act alongside and work with. She was friendly and easy to get on with and we had a laugh too. She looked the part, sounded the part and most importantly acted her part perfectly! Am so pleased we booked her and would 100% recommend her to anyone!

Recommended for Acting Jul 23, 2019

Sanna was absolutely wonderful to work with! She is very sweet and took directions of the shoot seriously. She was also willing to have a laugh during the strange tasks I had asked the her to perform! I got some gorgeous photographs of Sanna and would recommend her as a model for any photographer!

Recommended for Modelling Apr 19, 2019

I recently had the pleasure of working with Sanna as an extra for two days. The conditions under which we were working were pretty extreme, but she was professional, fun, easy to work with, and an interesting lady to talk to. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Sanna again and would absolutely recommend her as an Extra. I am sure she would be similarly reliable and excellent in any arena.

Recommended for Extras Mar 3, 2018

Sanna acted in our immersive theatre piece called 'One Third Heard'. She is a fantastic actress and many of our audience commented on how she made the experience seem so much more real for them. She is great to work with, she takes direction well but also brings her own ideas and creativity to the role. It was a pleasure to work with her and we hope to be able to again.

Recommended for Acting Apr 23, 2016

Recommended for Acting Oct 20, 2017

Recommended for Acting Apr 18, 2017

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