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Nat is a total professional with a warm and engaging personality. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any job. Thanks Nat!

Recommended for Actor Aug 21, 2017

Nat was great to work with. Very professional, friendly and accommodating with last minute changes. A natural in front of the camera and a true professional to work with.

Recommended for Actor Aug 21, 2017

We couldn't be happier having hired Nat as a model for our upcoming international marketing campaign. She is professional and a pleasure to be around, her work ethic and our stunning pictures are a credit to her! Highly recommend Nat if you are looking for a great model!

Recommended for Model Jul 21, 2017

Nat is a privilege to work with. Not only is she professional and maintains her high standards, but is also caring and kind towards her team members. It was amazing working with her!

Recommended for Actor Jul 21, 2017

I worked with Nat on an international campaign.. and she was great fun, friendly and professional.. I highly recommend her to others.

Recommended for Actor Jul 20, 2017

I have hired Nat more than three times. She has worked for me as both a model and actress. As a director, what I need the most is professionalism. She’s prompt, professional and has always shown up on point, ready to do the job. I know what I need out of talent and what makes working with Nat really great is that she knows what I’m looking for because she has been on dozens of sets, as talent. I can and do highly recommend Nat. Should you have any questions about this review, do not hesitate to reach out to me. Regards, Iain McLean, Commercial Director Graffiti Media, CEO/Founder Shy Girl International

Recommended for Actor Jul 19, 2017

Nat was a hair cutting model for a TIGI Professional event & I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for any event. She was not only punctual & professional but extremely friendly & helpful and a pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Actor Jul 19, 2017

Nat did a clothing photo shoot for us and was fantastic to work with and very professional....would highly recommend to others. Chris @BMV International

Recommended for Model Jul 19, 2017

Nat is an amazing model and actress! I've known her for over a decade and can genuinely say I've really seen her blossom over the years. She's shown such hard work and dedication and I'm so proud to see that she's really come into her own in all her fields! She really is an inspiration to so many.

Recommended for Actor Jul 18, 2017

100% committed and professional actress, and accomplished model. Nat has an extremely personable nature, with a great work ethic.

Recommended for Actor Jul 16, 2017

Nat was awesome to work with, really easy going and approachable. She was very professional getting the work done! Highly recommended

Recommended for Actor Jul 14, 2017

Nat is a superb model, and naturally gorgeous. She is a pleasure to work with and super professional.

Recommended for Actor Jul 14, 2017

Nat is an excellent actor & model, very easy to work with, professional and always fully prepared. Nat played Annalise's mother in a major National/International Christmas Campaign. They worked together easily as Nat is a naturally warm person which comes through in her work. Nat represents her targeted market in a sophisticated and fun way. I hope Annalise has the privilege to work with Nat again in the near future.

Recommended for Actor Jul 10, 2017

We hired Nat for 12 fashion parades that we did at the Langham, Auckland. I could not recommend Nat highly enough. She was extremely professional and a natural on the catwalk. Aside from her obvious natural beauty, she was a pleasure to work with. I would engage Nat again, in a heartbeat, and I would encourage other businesses to engage her as well.

Recommended for Model Jul 10, 2017

Natalie was an absolute pleasure to deal with. She was professional, versatile and genuinely cared about the process and the project. Always positive, she was kind and generous with her time and we whole heartedly recommend her for your next project.

Recommended for Actor Jul 9, 2017

Time is so fast, two years ago we had many shoots with Nat. Every time when I looked her photo I feel so sweet. She was a such lovely model to work with. She is very professional, always give the best. She understand what we want. She act the same at the end of the day as in the morning with full energy. She is very easy going make a lot fun, time always gone fast when work with her. We would highly recommend her. Hi Nat, you always have good luck because you work hard enough for it. All the best to you and to your career. We are miss you.

Recommended for Model Jul 8, 2017

I recently worked with Nat on a Star Hotel shoot here in Sydney and highly recommend her! She displayed professionalism and experience and was a delight to work alongside.

Recommended for Actor Jul 6, 2017

Nat is an extremely talented and professional individual who combines exceptional natural ability with the eagerness and willingness to learn. With her flawless looks and dedication to her craft, Nat is most certainly one sought after individual in this industry. With years of experience, her undeniable talent is one that I can highly recommend.

Recommended for Actor Jul 6, 2017

Nat is hands down the best model I've worked with in New Zealand.The epitome of beauty and professionalism.

Recommended for Actor Jul 5, 2017

Nat was an absolute professional on set. What a lovely, personable woman. Would love to work and hang out again.

Recommended for Actor Jul 5, 2017

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