Raphael Chan

Raphael Chan

Victoria, Australia


CP = Casting Professional

Raphael Chan, is an amazing photographer ! He is easy to work with, gives good direction and is very nice. His photographs have a unique quality to them and he manages to capture moments that wow the eye. I would really recommend him!

Recommended for Casting Apr 23, 2015

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Awesome to shoot with, cant wait for the next time :)

Recommended for Casting Mar 5, 2015

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Raph is an incredible photographer with a great eye for detail and style. With each new frame, he instills unique creativity which always makes for a great shot. Very easy to work with and open to new ideas. A Highly recommended.

Recommended for Casting Apr 22, 2013

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Recommended for Actor Jan 28, 2018

Recommended for Photographer Jul 17, 2017

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