Kaine Applegate

Kaine Applegate

London, United Kingdom


CP = Casting Professional

Kaine auditioned for a role in my gangster short film and in the initial audition showed promise but was not there yet but seeing something in him I gave him homework under the idea he would audition again a few days later. when that uadition was held it was such a change both in skill and belief in himself I was lost for words. This resulted in him getting the lead role of the film. He shows great commitment and has great talent and also takes direction very well.

Recommended for Actor Sep 20, 2018

Kaine was great to work with on a short film where he played a lead character. He was open to direction and very reliable to turn up on time to the filming dates.

Recommended for Actor Apr 23, 2018

Professional, a lighthearted pleasant presence on set, very open to direction and understanding of delay’s

Recommended for Actor Apr 20, 2018

Kaine, his acting skills are very believable and able to ad lib when or if required - I would highly recommend him. I spent 2 days shooting a small film, with him - has a naturally happy disposition - but don't let that fall you when he's in character mode.

Recommended for Actor Apr 8, 2018

Worked today with this good actor Kaine, presented his lines well within his role, as a suffering person with mental health problems. Would be verry happy to work with him again

Recommended for Actor Apr 6, 2018

Worked with Kaine for a few days and he is terrific! Very professional and did all that was asked of him

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