Ronan Lumb

Ronan Lumb

Norwich, United Kingdom


CP = Casting Professional

Ronan is a top quality actor and so very professional and reliable

Recommended for Actor Sep 8, 2017

Met Ronan, Lovely personality, all round nice chap, eager to please and hard working. Looking forward to working with him again shortly.

Recommended for Actor May 10, 2017

I have worked alongside Ronan on multiple projects. He is an incredible professional with an abundance of talent. An outgoing character with a lot of enthusiasm.

Recommended for Actor Mar 12, 2017

Funny, kind and a talented actor. Lots of enthusiasm that really helped with my production.

Recommended for Actor Dec 14, 2016

Ronan was enthusiastic to play the role he was cast for but also prepared to step into a modified role at the last minute. He was punctual, dependable, collaborative, and patient. I can verify that his other recommendations on his profile are instructive: He has a positive influence on set. Would cast him again in a heartbeat.

Recommended for Actor Sep 24, 2015

Ronan was a real joy to work with. He was hilarious and was easy to get on with. I would recommend him as a talented actor.

Recommended for Actor Sep 8, 2015

Ronan is highly adaptable and very professional. Up for a challenge working well with Crew and Extras.

Recommended for Actor Aug 12, 2015

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I had the pleasure to work with Ronan during production of our short. When we first came out to meet him, he reached into his car and offered the everyone a pack of doughnuts (which went down a treat!) In just a few moments after meeting, it felt like he was "part of the gang", which made the shoot a lot of fun. Ronan is funny, witty, friendly and above all, a great person to be on set. Since shooting with Ronan, we've invited him to be apart of our next project, and since then, communication has been constant. He has been so eager to hear every piece of information and read the all of the scripts, and basically help in any way he can, which is really appreciated. Ronan is a fantastic asset to any production.

Recommended for Actor Feb 17, 2015

Recommended for Actor Oct 19, 2017

Recommended for Actor Jul 16, 2016

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Recommended for Actor Jul 7, 2016