Frazer Ruddick

Frazer Ruddick

New South Wales, Australia


CP = Casting Professional

I recently worked with Frazer on The Actor Project (documentary working title) and was very impressed with his professionalism and his work ethic. Frazer is a knowledgable, friendly industry professional and I would recommend him to anyone.

Recommended for Casting Jun 20, 2014

Frazer Pleasure to meet and work with you today on your documentary film All the best with it and your future success

Recommended for Casting Jun 7, 2014

Recommended for Actor Oct 19, 2017

Recommended for Actor Aug 26, 2017

Recommended for Actor Nov 8, 2016

Recommended for Actor Sep 10, 2016

Recommended for Actor Aug 3, 2016

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Recommended for Casting Jun 6, 2014

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