Donnie Baxter

Donnie Baxter

London, United Kingdom


CP = Casting Professional

Donnie is a consummate professional and nailed the character in our first read through! He has a great presence on camera and there seems to be a whole story hiding behind those eyes. That makes directing a great scene with him that much easier.

Recommended for Actor Nov 13, 2015

Donnie is an absolute superstar and a joy to work with. He is focussed and switched-on, and one of the most expressive actors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It is immediately clear that Donnie loves and is dedicated to his craft, and he is an extraordinary asset to any film he works on. He is an incredible actor to work with and to see perform, and I hope in the future there are many more opportunities for me to do so.

Recommended for Actor Nov 11, 2015

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