Julian R

Julian R Pro

New South Wales, Australia


CP = Casting Professional

Julian gave me some helpful advice and honesty that went a long way for my casting process. Thank you, Julian! Very much appreciated.

Recommended for Actor Aug 12, 2019

Amazing performer. Really easy to work with.

Recommended for Actor Jul 31, 2017

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Julian’s work on our voice over project was fabulous. He has lovely pace and tone. Working with Julian was efficient and all timelines were easily met.

Recommended for Actor Apr 4, 2016

Julian is a fantastic actor who was able to jump straight in to a cold read with no information about the central character and completely captured the essence of the character. A delight to work with.

Recommended for Actor Nov 30, 2014

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Julian is an amazingly demur actor. He's on the ball and doesn't flinch when the scene changes up. Highly recommend.

Recommended for Actor Dec 22, 2013

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Julian surprised me and brought a quirkiness to his role that made him stand out from the rest. He really looks at film as an art form and has high expectations from both the crew and the Director and it's this dedication that promotes much respect for Julian as an actor. His advice and suggestions helped to make me a better Director. Thanks again mate. Highly recommended. -DANE FABRI (Director of 'The Interview')

Recommended for Actor Dec 10, 2013

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very reliable and a great person to work with.

Recommended for Musician Aug 13, 2013

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unique sound..nice vibrato.

Recommended for Musician Aug 4, 2013

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An obvious talent, Julian gave us considerable food for thought with his interpretation of the role in his audition. Made our shortlist but just edged out. We were very impressed.

Recommended for Actor Dec 7, 2010

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Recommended for Actor Sep 3, 2017

Recommended for Actor Jul 29, 2017

Recommended for Actor Feb 17, 2016

Recommended for Actor Feb 17, 2016

Recommended for Actor Nov 7, 2015